How to Zero in on Your Target Market

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

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Your company may have the potential to help a lot of other businesses, but you’re not likely to effectively reach them unless you zero in on your target market. You can do this with some helpful tips that make it easy to reach the companies you can benefit most. Figure Out Who They Are You can’t very well target if…

3 Effective Branding Strategies Online & Offline

Online Marketing Ideas

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Whether you’re connecting to the world of social media or building your name the old school way, quality branding is an essential for your business. Without a detailed branding strategy, you’ll be stuck trying to sell a product or service that is less than memorable. Fortunately, if your current branding approach is less than spectacular, you can turn things around…

DIY Marketing Materials: When You Benefit by Printing It Yourself

Business Marketing Ideas

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Are you looking to make a great impression when introducing yourself to prospective customers and clients? There’s no better way to start your relationship off with a bang than with a set of well-crafted promotional materials. The ideal business card or flyer will reflect the unique flavor of your organization, instantly giving recipients insight into your qualities. If your goal…

5 Ways to be More Creative in your Business Communication

Designing Your Business Communication

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As a small business owner, it doesn’t matter whether you’re hosting a spring sale, a promotional giveaway, or sending a teaser about upcoming products, it’s important that every contact you make conveys a professional and consistent image. How you communicate is an integral part of branding. This doesn’t mean the brochures or greeting cards you mail out need to be…

5 Important Things to Include on Your Brochure

Designing Your Business Communication

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A brochure can help your company or school attract new customers or students, or draw attention to an upcoming event your business is organizing. Your brochure is only as good as the content inside of it. People won’t feel compelled to work with your business or school, or seek you out, if you don’t give them reason to. Remember these…

Tips for Your Small Busines Brochure Design

Designing Your Business Communication

If you are just getting started with a new small business, you have undertaken one of the most exciting ventures any business person ever will. If you are worried that your business may not be successful or are wondering what can you do to ensure its success, you are experiencing the feelings most, if not all, new small business owners…

Are Brochures Effective Marketing Tools?

Designing Your Business Communication

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In a world where just about everything in the business world is “electronic,” is there still a need for “paper” marketing tools such as flyers, brochures and old-fashioned, printed newsletters? PaperDirect says Yes! We believe that no matter how popular online marketing and other forms of electronic communication and marketing has become, there will always be a place for good,…

Announce Your Fall Event with a Festive Brochure

Designing Your Business Communication

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A lot of people say that fall is their favorite season of the year and cite the crispness in the air, the cool temperatures, the approaching holidays, Halloween, and the vibrant autumn foliage as the main reasons they love autumn. With fall, also comes a number of holidays, school events, and sports activities. If you need to spread the word…

Brochures-Which One to Use?

Designing Your Business Communication

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Getting information into your client’s hands is made easy with the use of brochures.  Brochures come in several different formats, giving you many different options for printing.  4-panel brochures can be used to present more information or additional images, 3-panel brochures presents your message in a professional easy to read format, 2-panel brochures gives you a wider format for massages…

Business Brochure Design Ideas That Work

Designing Your Business Communication

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Reaching customers is the first step to building your business to new levels. When it comes to reaching those customers, there are lots of marketing options available, but finding ones that won’t kill your marketing budget and that are still effective is vital. One tool that is usually quite effective if done well is having a great business brochure idea…

Eye Catching Brochures

Designing Your Business Communication

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Brochures are a great way to communicate to your customers and vendors important information about you products and services in an easy to read format. Sunset Tri-Fold Brochure Classic Cars Tri-Fold Brochure Peaceful Pond Tri Fold Brochure Studious Tri-Fold Brochure Puppy Big Ears Asleep Tri-Fold Brochure

How Much Should I Put On A Brochure?

Designing Your Business Communication

Brochures are perhaps one of the two most powerful, yet inexpensive marketing tools you can have in your arsenal. While postcards may be the most effective, brochures can be designed to deliver the maximum amount of information in the least amount of space of any other type of literature you can distribute. But how do you make sure the brochure…

5 Tips for Developing a Company Brochure

Designing Your Business Communication

Company brochures are like the paper version of the “About Us” on the web. There’s a lot of information that has to be delivered in a small amount of space, and that means being efficient as well as being effective at giving the person holding the brochure a reason to call. Designing your company brochure right the first time means…