Direct Mail Ideas That Work

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Even in an age where virtually every type of communication is done electronically, there are still direct mail ideas that work to promote your business and get customers to your door or your website. Postcards are an inexpensive, highly effective direct mail idea that has been used for decades. When designed and utilized properly, direct mail postcards can generate quite…

Direct Mail Tips to Boost Business

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

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Some business owners are hesitant to undertake a direct mail marketing campaign because this means of promoting your business can be costly–if not done properly. The key to a successful direct mail campaign lies in the approach, and good planning will minimize the costs of your direct mail campaign while maximizing profits for your business. Here are some direct mail…

The Goal of a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign: Make the Phone Ring

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Direct mail marketing campaigns have probably been around ever since Ben Franklin invented the post office. What could be easier than putting together a flyer, letter, brochure, postcard or circular and having them delivered right to the mail box of everyone in your target audience? Direct mail campaigns has continually one of the most effective forms of advertising and even…

Do Direct Mail Postcard Campaigns Really Work

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Every business is looking for a cost effective direct mail marketing campaigns. But dollar for dollar, regardless of what type of campaign is used, the most cost effective campaign is the direct mail postcard. The great thing about a postcard campaign aside from its inexpensive cost is the fact it’s easy to implement as well. Postcards are very inexpensive to…

What Are The Typical Direct Mail Response Rates?

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Trying to figure out what your direct mail response rates 20111 will be? Over the course of a marketing campaign, it becomes important to know just which parts of it are the most effective. It’s easy enough to gauge how well a radio campaign has done, and it’s usually fairly clear how well a television spot has fared. But when…

Mail Rates: How Can I Get The Best Rates?

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When it comes to using all the marketing tools available, you have to consider the mail. While the US Postal Service seems to perennially in deep financial trouble, prompting them to hit us with rate hike after rate hike, mailing stuff out is still a very effective way to drive sales. All too often though, it seems like we get…

5 Critical Steps for a Great Customer Mailing

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Virtually every day we receive some type of mail from one vendor or another clamoring for our business. Sometimes, the volume of mail we get can be truly amazing at times, especially around the holiday season. So when it comes time for us to put together a customer mailing, we want it to stand out and be unique. That way…