Direct Mail Ideas That Work

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

Even in an age where virtually every type of communication is done electronically, there are still direct mail ideas that work to promote your business and get customers to your door or your website. Postcards are an inexpensive, highly effective direct mail idea that has been used for decades. When designed and utilized properly, direct mail postcards can generate quite a bit of business for your company, large or small.

The key to direct mail postcards is to target the right audience–the demographic that you think needs your product or service. If you are new to postcard design and printing, these suggestions can help you make wise choices from the very start, and for you veteran postcard users, consider these tips to enhance your already-successful direct mail postcard marketing campaign.

  1. Use vibrant, eye-catching colors on your postcards. Dull, lifeless postcards will likely end up in the trash. If you don’t get the recipient’s attention right away, you’ve probably missed your chance at getting a new customer or client. Many advertising experts emphasize the importance of using glossy postcard paper as a matte finish does not allow the graphics to jump off the postcard and catch the viewer’s attention.
  2. Use a company that will not only design your postcard but will also print it. Why make extra work for yourself by having to deal with two firms? Find one that can do it all if you are not able to do it yourself.
  3. Use images on your direct mail postcards. People like to see the product you’re selling, and a postcard with text only is not going to get the attention that images would. Incorporate a reasonable number of images. As with any suggestions, don’t over do it. More is not always better; make sure the images are relevant and applicable to the text that accompanies the graphics.
  4. Include a coupon on the postcard. There is no greater incentive for a prospective customer to do business with you than a discounted price or a buy one get one free offer. The money you may lose in the beginning will pay off in dividends if those customers become regulars. The same philosophy is true with customer loyalty cards. For every ten purchases, offer an eleventh item of equal value free. So you know that it was the postcard that brought the customer in, be sure to indicate on the card that the customer must present the postcard at the time of purchase. Also, if a postcard recipient refers a new customer, reward the postcard holder with a discount, coupon or freebie.
  5. Include a limited-time-offer call to action on the postcard. This will get customers to your door or website quickly because who wants to miss out on a limited time discount of some sort? Be clear about what the offer is and when it ends.
  6. Include a couple of testimonials from actual customers on your direct mailings. Consumers can spot a fake testimonial, so be sure your testimonials are sincere and real.
  7. Offer a money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the product or service you have provided. Trust between consumer and business owner is imperative to success.

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