Do Direct Mail Postcard Campaigns Really Work

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

Every business is looking for a cost effective direct mail marketing campaigns. But dollar for dollar, regardless of what type of campaign is used, the most cost effective campaign is the direct mail postcard. The great thing about a postcard campaign aside from its inexpensive cost is the fact it’s easy to implement as well.

Postcards are very inexpensive to produce. Even having three color printing on slick postcards is less expensive that almost every other direct mail marketing available. Another great aspect of postcard marketing is the fact that the post office gives a special rate to postcards. And with bulk rate postage, that expense is even cheaper. Between the cost of the post card and the postage, direct mail postcard campaigns can be less than half the cost of brochures or flyers.

Postcards are easy to layout and design too. There are two areas that are available for ad space: The front and half of the back area. While it is possible to put some things in the address area, it is usually frowned upon by the post office and overlooked by the recipient anyway, so it isn’t suggested. As for the available areas, a lot of information can be put on them, doing something colorful with pictures or graphics on the blank side is a good  approach to take with sales verbiage placed across from the address area.

Once the postcard is printed and ready, either running it through a laser printer or applying labels is a snap. Since they don’t have to be folded or sealed, handling time is at a minimum saving labor cost as well. Hundreds or even thousands of postcards can be processed through in just a few hours depending on the method used.

All in all, postcards are seen as a very powerful marketing tool. Even postcards that people don’t want right off the bat do get looked at since the card is such a simple device. That means your message gets seen and if it’s effective enough, keeping a postcard is as simple as sticking it in a pocket. Take a look and see if a direct mail postcard marketing campaign will work for your business. You’ll be surprised at how effective it is.