Finish Your Certificate Awards Elegantly With Certificate Seals

Employee Recognition Ideas How to Design Certificates

One way to enhance your employee recognition program is by giving certificates to well deserving employees. With all the great blank certificates available you can give a certificate for virtually any occasion and finishing them off with a certificate seal adds that extra layer of “atta-boy!” and validation to the entire process.  While certificates are great things to receive as an employee, receiving one that has a seal on it are received as being a bit more ‘heartfelt’ by the company as ones that aren’t.

Making certificate awards for achievements and successes is actually an easy and inexpensive way to boost employee morale and show them just how much they’re appreciated. Adding certificate seals to awards you’ve designed and printed on great certificate award blanks makes them look totally professional as well. This means you can use your favorite word processor, download the free template for your certificate award, custom print one for each employee to be honored and apply the seal. Not only will you have an award that the employee will be proud to receive but you’ll save a ton of money in your employee recognition budget as well.

Having certificates made for you can be a laborious and expensive process. You have to have the employee names and the certificate wording at the print shop weeks in advance of the ceremony in case there are errors that have to be fixed. And you have to rely on the print shop scheduling so you know you’ll have them in time. Also, their certificates, while not any better quality are certainly more expensive. Plus, you’re usually forced to accept whatever design they’ve got available. Keeping the job in-house means you’re not restricted by the limitations of a print shop.

By keeping complete control over how the certificate looks, how it’s worded and being able to control when they’re printed enables you to make sure you’re able to give exactly the certificates you want. If there are errors they can be instantly corrected and having total control over the layout means you can put the certificate seal anywhere you want on it.

Another great thing is being able to put different seals on certificates to enhance differences in them. They can be used to separate achievement from recognition awards, can be used to make certificates different for times of year they’re give or for any other difference that you want.

Certificate seals take giving certificate awards to an entire new level. Between enhancing the options you have in giving awards but it adds a new level of appreciation for the recipient. The awards look far more professional and everyone who receives one or that sees it will think they look awesome. Check out all the great blank certificate and certificate seals and see how you can use them in your recognition program.