Employee Anniversary Gifts to Start the New Year

Employee Recognition Ideas

Start the new year off right by beginning the tradition of getting your employees a little something to mark their anniversary with the company. Beginning January 1, send the message that you care and that you appreciate their hard work by presenting employees with a gift on their date of hire anniversary. Employee anniversary gifts boost morale and raise productivity, studies show. PaperDirect has some great employee anniversary gifts to start the new year off right!

PaperDirect award certificates come in a variety of styles to suit what you’re looking for, and we offer free certificate layout templates for every design. For honoring an employee’s anniversary, you can include the employee’s name, date of hire and any other information you’d like to include. Whether your company’s big or small, these award certificates will be a great gift at the employee’s anniversary.

You can make your own certificates, too, with a little help from PaperDirect. Just use our easy online design tool, and we’ll print up your custom certificates! We offer full color printing, customizable front, 8.5″ X 11 size, free logo and image uploads, and we print and ship most orders in just 1-2 days! For ten custom certificates they’ll love, you pay just $6.99!

You Do It ALL NoteCards by PaperDirect

A handwritten note or thank you card is thoughtful and doesn’t take long to write. Instead of sending an email, take the time to write a personal note to the employee and mention something unique he has contributed to the company. This is much more meaningful than a generic email that reads “Happy fifth year anniversary. Thanks for all you do.” Write something that will let that employee know you truly appreciate the specific contributions he/she has made to the success of your company.

Star World of Difference Recognition Pin by PaperDirect

Be sure to shop online at PaperDirect for other employee anniversary gifts like trophies, plaques and motivational gifts like key chains and water bottles.