Top 5 Ways to Say “Thanks” to Employees

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Uncertain. Difficult. Challenging.

You have probably heard these words used in abundance to describe these current times, but we can think of a better one:


Given the current climate we are living in, it’s more important than ever to show and express your gratitude to all of your employees. We have five ideas that you can implement right away to let your employees know how much you truly appreciate them and all of their hard work–no matter if it’s onsite or at home.

Continue to recognize milestones like tenure and Employee of the Month.  

Recognition of your teachers and employees does not have to stop just because most of them are working from home or remotely. If you are holding meetings through conference calls and/or websites and programs, take the time to spotlight these special employees with a presentation. Then, mail them a “recognition package” that includes quality awards, like Certificates, Jackets, and Lapel Pins. And don’t forget to include a Greeting Card or NoteCard with handwritten words of gratitude.

Send a “Thank You” note to your employees and consider a gift card.

When you think of thank you notes, you may think of weddings, birthdays, or graduation parties, but they can be used for employees, too! Whether you use a NoteCard, Greeting Card, or LetterTop Certificate, this is a great way to put those appreciative thoughts to paper. You can even personalize them with a unique message for each employee. If your budget allows, you can also include a gift card (printed or plastic) as a token of thanks.

Send or give a Gift Set.

Our Direct Ship program is the perfect way to send Gift Sets to all of your teachers and employees as a show of support whether they are working from home or onsite. Gift Sets are not only budget-friendly options for you, they offer fun and functional items that everybody can use. Sending Gift Sets directly to each employee’s home lets everyone know they are still an important and valued part of your team.

Send a Kit to help employees work from home.

Unique work-from-home kits are great ways to keep employees organized, “plugged in,” and even stress a little less. Most kits include some electronic accessories with a mix of standard desk supplies, so everyone is sure to a get a lot of use out of them. Kits are affordable ways to show your appreciation for everyone’s hard work and dedication. 

Words of appreciation go a long way.  

We understand you may have a tight budget to work with; sometimes a simple note of thanks goes a long way. Thank You NoteCards are always much appreciated–and if you mail them they will be attention grabbers because of their size! If you take a few minutes to write your own “thank you” message with a personal twist for each employee those notes will mean a lot more. Thank You Certificates are also a fun, motivational idea; employees can proudly display them at home. Even a simple Lapel Pin with a thank you message on it can say a lot.

We hope you can use at least one of these five ideas to say “thank you” to your employees. It’s so important right now to hear encouraging or motivational messages. No matter which idea you choose, the results will be much appreciated by your employees, teachers, volunteers, and more.