9 Ways to Prepare to Come Back to Work

Helpful Resources Welcome Back to Work

Having and maintaining a safe, healthy, and welcoming work environment is more important than ever before. As many businesses slowly reopen their doors, you may be wondering what you can do to ensure the safety of all your employees–and boost company morale during these times, too. 

While there are many facets to reopening your business including daily health screenings, addressing mental health, et al., we will concentrate on what you can do in your physical place of business and/or building. Try one or more of the following ideas to prepare for your employees to come back to work.

Stock up on plenty of Masks for all of your employees.

Even though most of your employees may have their own disposable or home-made masks, a customized Mask with your company name and/or logo is a great way to build teamwork and morale.

Another item on your back-to-work checklist should be Hand Sanitizer. 

Stock up on sanitizer for offices, cafeterias, conference rooms, workspaces, and cubicles. Like Masks, some employees may have their own; that may help your back-to-work budget.

Establish physical distancing measures.

Keeping and maintaining physical distance during the workday is important for everyone. There are several ways you can accomplish this including staggered work shifts, lunch, and rest breaks; and rotating weeks for working onsite. Physical ideas include moving work stations and/or implementing one-way traffic patterns by using Floor Decals to direct foot traffic and or provide 6′ of distance. 

Define customer and/or visitor contact rules.

No matter how many visitors, customers, or clients your business has on a daily basis, establishing some rules will help keep everyone safe and give them peace of mind. Ideas include using Floor Decals (see above), limiting the number of people in any one area (reception, waiting, etc.), no handshake greetings, and using contactless pickup.

Establish deep cleaning procedures.

It’s always good to remind employees to keep their work stations, desks, and offices clean, but deep cleaning procedures will make your workplace even safer. First use soap and water to clean surfaces, then sanitize all frequently touched surfaces with antibacterial spray or wipes, disinfect restrooms every night, vacuum every day, and encourage employees to leave personal items at home or bring as few as possible every day.

Post signs in the bathroom to encourage people to continue hand washing.

This is something so routine, but it’s just as important now as it was when this started. Glossy Wall Decals are must-haves for every bathroom. They can include the 20-second rule or have a simple reminder to “always wash your hands” or “suds up.”  

Set up partitions between workspaces and/or use them for reception desks.

Acrylic Partitions of various sizes and shapes are available to fit any area. These products are designed for all parties involved–they keep employees safe and healthy AND your customers, clients, and visitors, too.

Welcome back your employees with a motivational Gift Set. 

Gift Sets not only show employees how much you appreciate them and welcome them back to the building, but each employee will receive valuable, quality products they can use every day. 

Celebrate the big day when your doors officially open again with Signs and Banners.

Signs can range from bright and colorful outdoor Yard Signs to printed paper signs that you can post on doors, walls, and bulletin boards. Banners are always a welcome addition to any business; Banners can be as professional or whimsical as you want them to be!

Utilizing a combination of these nine tips will make your place of business much safer and welcoming when you are ready to reopen your doors. Your employees, customers, clients, vendors, and visitors will thank you for everything you’re doing to keep everyone safe.