10 Award Ideas for Tech and IT Employees

Employee Recognition Ideas

The tech and IT team at your business works hard to make sure your computers stay functional and your company stays online. Since what your tech and IT employees do remains mysterious to many, their hard work and commitment should be recognized and rewarded. After, all without them, your business might be in the dark. Let your IT team know how much you appreciate them with these award ideas for employees.

Gift Certificate to a Tech Store

A simple way to thank your team is to distribute gift cards to a local or national computer store. You can give each employee the same amount or pick an Employee of the Month and award him or her a larger sum.

Video Game Hour

Let your IT team relax, on the company’s dime, by giving them a “video game hour” every month or so. Set aside an hour in the middle or near the end of the day for them to play their favorite video or computer games together.

Tech-Themed Reward Certificates

Hold an award ceremony for your IT staff and give each member of the team a reward recognizing his or her achievements. Print out certificates that describe what the person is being recognized for. You can make the rewards goofy, such as “Certificate of Excellence for Untangling the Most Cat-5 Cables” or go the more serious route.

Gift Cards to the App Store of Choice

Let your tech team get their hands on the latest apps for their device by giving them a small gift card to GooglePlay for Android users or to the app store on iTunes for Apples users.

Funny T-shirts

Reward your staff and celebrate inside jokes by printing up T-shirts with a funny slogan or saying on them. For example, you can print shirts that have a quote from a favorite tech-related TV show, such as “The IT Crowd.”

Coffee or Energy Drink Supply

Fill the staff refrigerator in the tech department with quality gourmet coffee or your staff’s preferred energy drinks, so that they have enough caffeine to fuel them through long nights of coding or troubleshooting.


Pick up a book covering the latest development in the tech field for your employees. You can also give your IT team gift cards so that they can pick out their own books to read for work or for fun.

Action Figurines

Say thanks to your tech team and help them decorate their desks by giving each person an action figurine, from a popular series such “Doctor Who” or “Star Trek,” for example.

Certification Course

Another way to recognize your team members’ efforts, and benefit the company, is to pay for staff to take a certification course. They’ll gain new skills and you’ll gain more highly trained employees.

Equipment Upgrade

Here’s another award ideas that benefits everyone. Invest in an equipment upgrade for your tech team. They’ll be happy to be able to use the latest software and hardware, and your business might see a boost in productivity and efficiency with the upgrade.

Saying thanks to your team for a job well done doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be fun. PaperDirect has what you need to recognize and award your IT staff and other employees.