Spruce Up Holiday Mailings with Colored Foil Papers

Seasonal & Special Events Ideas

Sapphire Christmas Specialty Border Papers

Colored foil paper will make any holiday mailing more festive this year! PaperDirect has a huge selection of colored foil paper for Christmas mailings like newsletters, fliers, invitations, greeting cards and for presentation or event accessories like programs. If you are looking to do a unique resume or catch someone’s attention by writing a letter on paper that wows, colored…

How To Design Flyers That Really Work

Designing Your Business Communication

Of all the marketing tools at your disposal, none can be as impactful as the lowly, oft maligned flyer. Truthfully, a lot of people feel that the flyer is a waste of time and trees, but that impression couldn’t be further from the facts. Flyers, when done right and distributed properly, can be one of the most powerful selling resources…