Office Humor Signs Are an Easy Way to Boost Morale

Employee Recognition Ideas

If you walk around virtually every office in the world, you’re going to see a lot of common denominators. You’ll find the usual computers, pens and pencils, family pictures on the desks and walls and even some plants. But somewhere, either in an office or in a public area, you’ll find something that will make you laugh out loud, or at least give you a chuckle. Most of the time the culprit is an office humor sign hanging on a wall.

Some are simple drawings with a funny caption below it that is designed to garner a laugh. Some are like the motivational pictures, but the heading is something totally hilarious. Regardless of which type it is, these signs not only bring a funny moment to whoever sees it, but they do a great job of boosting morale in the workplace.

When employees work a job for a while, especially doing production work, the tasks can become tedious. This tedium can cause an employee to be a little less attentive to detail and can even slow production. By having signs in break rooms and in public areas that are funny, the employee sees it and the humor breaks that tedium. An employee that’s thinking about the sign they just saw is an employee that’s plugged back in to their job.

One way to really take advantage of office humor signs is to change them out on a regular basis. Signs that have been hanging for a while have been seen by everyone and have lost their appeal. But swapping them out for new ones keeps the humor level high and employees will look for new signs all the time. This keeps a level of anticipation in the office and that also works to boost morale.

Humorous signs in the office definitely builds morale and used properly can work on multiple levels to do so. And the best part about is the fact that these signs are very inexpensive. Even the large ones aren’t very expensive and the humor level can be increased with the size of the sign. Regardless of what kind of sign it is, or even the content of the humor, these signs give everyone in the office something to look forward to.