Winter Wedding Food Ideas for the Perfect Menu

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Glistening Light Specialty Flat InvitationsIf you have asked your winter wedding guests to brave the cold temperatures and possible snowy conditions to attend your blessed event, then you better feed them well.  While it may feel safer to go with the obvious choices of steak, fish and chicken, you have to think more out-of-the-box for your winter wedding menu. Since winter is all about comfort food, you can treat your wedding guests to the meal of the season with these winter wedding food ideas.


You can start your meal off with a hearty soup with ingredients of the season. Pumpkin soup and butternut squash soup are two delicious ways to kick off any winter wedding meal. Italian wedding soup is not only a classic, but it’s hearty, also, and will leave your guests feeling satisfied.Estate Specialty Flat Invitations by PaperDirect


If you want something hearty, delicious and comforting, then pasta is a safe bet. Lasagna makes a great choice, and there are many creative pasta dishes your caterer may suggest as appropriate winter wedding choices.

Potpies: How about a luscious lobster pot pie or even a chicken pot pie to warm your guests to the bones? Because potpies tend to be heavy, you may want to reduce portion size, or you may find your guests snoozing in the coat room instead of busting a move on the dance floor.

A crepe station is an excellent idea as crepes are elegant and filling and can be prepared and made to order using a variety of ingredients.

Desserts and Drinks

With dessert, you can infuse the flavors of the season into your sweet treats. Pumpkin and spice-flavored cake are delicious and perfect for winter. Candy canes sprinkled over Highland Tradition Designed Layered Invitationspudding or mousse is a popular winter wedding treat.

Hot chocolate and other warm drinks and eggnog are excellent beverage choices for your winter wedding menu. Spiced wine is a great choice for a festive alcoholic beverage.

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