Christmas Party Ideas for Teenagers

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christmas party ideas for teens

Teenagers are a tough crowd when it comes to throwing a party. Teenagers usually want to appear cool to their friends, so if you do something that hurts their “coolness,” they blame you for the rest of your life for ruining their chances of being in the “in” crowd. If you are hosting a Christmas party for teenagers, there are some things you must consider before setting your plan in motion. Teenagers can also be unforgiving, so if you mess up, they may give you the silent treatment for a few days, weeks, or even years!

Involve Your Teenager in the Planning

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First of all, make sure your teenager wants a party as there is nothing more embarrassing for today’s teen to be forced to attend a party they want no part of. The gesture, while greatly appreciated by most adults, may just put you in the doghouse for a while. When planning a Christmas party for teenagers, involve them in the planning process as much as possible. They know what their friends like, and they know what will go over successfully and what will fail miserably. Allowing the teen to take part in the planning will give him a feeling of “ownership” of the party.

Choose a Theme & Venue

Christmas parties for teenagers should have a theme and decorations to match the theme. Winter Wonderland, White Christmas, and Silver Bells are holiday favorites. Design decorations, invitations, and food to match the theme.

When choosing a venue make sure to think of your guests. If the party will be filled with athletes, a trip to the ice skating rink could be fun for all. A more artistic group of teenagers might appreciate a movie night or trip to the museum. You also can’t go wrong with hosting the event in a popular nightclub. Even though no alcohol will be served, the teenagers will love that grown-up nightclub feel at the party.

Plan Some Activities

Every party should have one or two activities; you don’t want bored teenagers! A Christmas tree can be decorated with homemade ornaments, or the teens can bring a toy or other gift to donate to a local children’s shelter. White elephant gift exchanges are also fun and inexpensive. Maybe you can convince a small group of the attendees to go caroling around the venue’s neighborhood. Most high schools have choirs and bands with very talented young singers and musicians that would love the opportunity to show off their skills

Christmas party ideas for teenagers are challenging but not impossible. The best way to find out what teenagers would consider a fun Christmas party is to ask them. Wouldn’t you rather have their input ahead of time, then do it all on your own only to find out you made all the wrong decisions?

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