Greeting Card Messages That Impress

Designing Your Invitation

In this age of everything electronic, the act of sending greeting cards via regular mail has fallen by the wayside. It seems that now everything from party invitations to thank you cards are sent via email, or even worse, text message. But most people will tell you that they really enjoy receiving greeting cards via “snail mail.” PaperDirect has a full line of greeting cards for all occasions, and you can make your greeting card even more impressive by including a heartfelt greeting card message that the recipient will truly appreciate.

Whether you are sending a birthday greeting, anniversary, sympathy, congratulatory or thank you card, hand-written greeting card messages will add a special touch that will let the card recipient know you truly care. PaperDirect has greeting cards for these special occasions (just to name a few):

Blank greeting cards with decorative designs can be used for any occasion, and there is plenty of room for you to hand write a greeting card messages regardless of the event or occasion.

PaperDirect greeting cards also come in a variety of themes including:

  • Kids’ events
  • Church events
  • Patriotic celebrations
  • Tropical designs
  • Floral designs

When writing greeting card messages, be sure to write a personal message rather than a generic message that obviously has been used in everyone’s card. If you have relatives or friends who live far from you, you can send a greeting card just to say hello and that you’re thinking of your loved one or childhood friend. You will be amazed at how much joy a simple greeting card with a thoughtful message inside can mean to someone. Photo greeting cards are a great way to show off your beautiful family, especially to those friends and family members you have not seen in years.

Once you’ve chosen your greeting cards from PaperDirect, the challenge of writing the perfect greeting card message comes next. Depending on the occasion, your message will vary. Many people take the humorous route and write funny greeting card messages. The best tool for writing a funny message in someone’s greeting card is to use familiarity by thinking of something you know that the recipient is familiar with. Use that topic, information, or situation, to make up something funny. This will take some creativity on your part, but the funny greeting card message lets the recipient know that you thought about your message.

If your card is more serious or romantic, you may write a greeting card message that will bring the recipient to tears (but in a good way). If your goal is to make someone cry with your greeting card message, you are going to have to put a little extra effort into your writing. We suggest getting a really great gift, delivering the card in a special way, and writing an extremely personal message. Love poems are a great way to express specific romantic thoughts. The more specific you are the better the chance of bringing about the tears. If you are hand delivering your card, set the scene for romance and love by playing mood music, lighting candles, and cooking a fabulous dinner. All of this, combined with a beautiful greeting card message will let your significant other know how much he/she is loved.

Take a look at PaperDirect’s full line of greeting cards and order online today. Lovely cards, like those from PaperDirect, with greeting card messages from the heart will make anyone’s day special.