8 End of the Year Party Ideas

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

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Another year has come and gone, and it’s time to celebrate with your employees and coworkers. Your company probably throws an annual end-of-the-year bash, but that doesn’t mean it has to be predictable. These 8 end of the year party ideas are not only creative and unique, but also fun and festive. This is sure to be the unforgettable year that has people talking well into February about how much fun they had.

8 End of the Year Party Ideas

  1. Host an office tree lighting ceremony. Besure to create custom Christmas banners ahead of time announcing when, where and what time the tree lighting ceremony will be.
  2. Plan a winter wonderland ball. Decorate the space in shades of white and blue, and complete the look with twinkling lights. Ask everyone to come in their best formal wear, and dance the night away.
  3. Throw a New Year’s Eve bash for all of your coworkers. Now that the excitement of Christmas has come and gone, it might be the perfect time to celebrate another successful year with your company. Plan a party complete with champagne, appetizers and music, and ring in the new year with all of your favorite corporate pals.
  4. Instead of celebrating the holidays, throw a prom-style dance. Ask everyone to come in their old dresses, tuxes and gaudy suits and dance to music from the past while making memories for the future.
  5. Plan a destination party to someplace unique in your area. Perhaps throw your end-of-the-year gathering at the local zoo, or an interesting museum. This allows the event to become more about the experience than the party itself.Tropical Santa Border Papers by PaperDirect
  6. Make your Christmas party a reverse Christmas in July party. Throw a beachbarbecue, wear your best summer clothes and pretend you are watching fireworks fall from the sky instead of soft, white snowflakes.
  7. Head to a local charity and donate your time. This can be considered a corporate bonding experience, and also helps you give back to the community.
  8. Throw a karaoke party for everyone at the office. Laugh with one another as you embarrass yourselves singing out-of-tune to your favorite hits.

Whether your company will be celebrating Christmas with everyone at the office, or you plan to avoid the holiday festivities all together and want to throw a generic party, you can have fun with your theme and make it a memorable event. Get all of the paper products, banners and corporate party favors and gifts that you need at PaperDirect.