St. Patrick’s Day Promotion Ideas

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Sweet Shamrock Border PapersHolidays represent a golden opportunity for businesses. Using the right marketing approach, you can create holiday promotions that motivate your consumers to make purchases they may not have considered otherwise. Holiday promotions can also be useful if you’re trying to figure out how to make the office environment a little more relaxed and fun. Below are some ideas you can use to develop a promotion for the next upcoming holiday in 2014: St. Patrick’s Day.

Discount for Wearing Green

On Saint Patrick’s Day or during the days before, offer a discount to any customer who enters your store and makes a purchase wearing green. This will not only encourage customers to visit the store on that day, but also to purchase more items than they normally would because of the discount.

Lucky Customers

Lucky Leprechaun Postcards by PaperDirect

Before St. Patrick’s Day arrives, send out promotional cards to your direct mailing listand entice your customers with a chance to “get lucky.” Include a four-leaf clover in a select amount of cards. If they receive one of these coupons, offer them a free product or service. For the remaining customers without a four leaf, offer a smaller discount. People enjoy playing to win so you can’t go wrong with this one!

Green Drinks/Food

One of the easiest things you can do is offer green food or drinks. If you’re a restaurant,
this is easy and almost necessary. If you’re not, try bringing in simple cupcakes or punch- you can’t go wrong with treats.

Festive Newsletters

Greet your loyal or new customers with a festive newsletter. This can cover new specials, company news or things to look for in the upcoming months. Sending out something like this is eye catching and festive. Your customers will love receiving it and hanging it on their fridge.

Happy Hour

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Offer special incentives, such as lower prices, coupons or free gifts, for customers who come to your store during “happy hour.” You could hold this sale just on Saint Patrick’s Day or every day on the week leading up to the holiday.

Find all types of papers, envelopes and stationary in our St. Patrick’s Day section. Good luck! Regardless of the promotion you choose, remember to announce it to customers via mail, on your website and on social media.