10 Stellar Sales Recognition Ideas

Employee Recognition Ideas

recognize your sales team

It requires ongoing efforts to keep your company’s sales force motivated and closing new clients. Of course you compensate them appropriately and provide regular recognition for their service, but if you’d like to get the most from your team, you’ll need to provide creative incentives that go beyond standard rewards. Here are ten sales recognition ideas designed to keep your team whistling while they work.

Shoutout Board 

Go a little old school and tack a bulletin board to your office wall. each week recognize someone for an achievement. Whether it’s straight up sales goals, shortest to close, had work, or another recognizable goal, giving them a shout out is a great way to recognize sales employees. 

Upgraded Work Gear

This one is kind of a win-win for your salesperson. If someone makes a big sale, why not give them a new phone or computer? Not only will your employee appreciate the new toy, your client will appreciate the fact that your salesperson is handling their account with state-of-the-art technology. If a little inter-office jealousy happens to breed some friendly competition, all the better.

Go With A Gadget

These days, everyone has a hobby, and every hobby necessitates some kind of gadget. If you’re looking to recognize a salesperson’s hard work, find out what their hobbies are and then get them a little gadget. In other words, get your employee something they’d want, but they’d never buy for themselves. They’ll be grateful for the personal approach to recognizing their sales work.

A Trip

This one is obviously on the pricey side of things, but if you’re really ready to shine down some affection on one of your high-performing salespeople, consider springing for a trip for them and their spouse. You can bet a  paid all-expenses vacation is something they won’t forget for years to come, and you really can’t put a price on that kind of incentive. It doesn’t have to be a two-week getaway to Europe, but a night or two at a nearby vacation destination will certainly demonstrate your appreciation.  

Bring In Food For Everyone

If you’re looking to single out someone’s performance, but you’d also like to help build a little office camaraderie, consider ordering a meal for the entire staff. When everyone is milling around, enjoying their free eats, take a moment to give credit for the lunch to the specific individual you’re trying to praise. They’ll look like a hero in front of their coworkers and you’ll look like the coolest boss on the planet.

Show The Winner You Value Them

When you’re trying to instigate a little competition among your sales staff (which is never a bad thing), why not single out your highest performing salesperson by having a semi-extravagant lunch prepared and delivered directly to their desk. You can bet your other employees will take note.

Tickets To a Weekday Matinee

A good movie can be a great stress reliever, as can a little time out of the office on an otherwise mundane workday. When you’re the boss that combines the two, then you can bet your employee will take note. Nothing says, “thanks for the hard work,” like the implication that you’re employee has things so well handled that they can take a few hours to enjoy it.

One Word … Beer

The headline here says it all. Few rewards pack quite the same punch as the gift of beer. Whether it’s a six pack at the end of the week for your top earner or a case for everyone who deserves a little recognition, beer is one gift that rarely, if ever, fails.

Say ‘Thank You’ With a Certificate

You would be utterly amazed how far a private or public “thank you” will go with your employees. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it will be immensely appreciated. Look them in the eye and proclaim your appreciation for their hard work with a certificate; you’ll never regret it.

A Night Out On The Town

Spring for dinner for two at a five-star restaurant. Maybe throw in some extra dough for babysitting money, if applicable. Rent a limo. Really show your salesperson the recognition they deserve. A fun night out on the town with their spouse is just the ticket when you’re looking to incentivize your sales team.