Diploma Wording Ideas (Ready to Use)

Phrases & Wording

diploma wording - ready to use

Whether your students are graduating from high school, beauty school, or a technical trade program, you want to provide an official document that honors their achievement. But just because it’s official doesn’t mean it has to be ho-hum. Check out some diploma wording ideas that will give your document the perfect touch.

Essential Info

Before you dive into the wording ideas, you need to ensure you’re including all the essential information a diploma generally includes. This would consist of:

  • Name of document
  • School name
  • Name of student
  • Wording that explains purpose of document
  • Signature, line on which to sign with title of person signing
  • Date line with date filled in
  • Engraved school seal, usually at bottom left, right or center

Although you want to keep the school name, document name and student’s name prominent in larger font, you can rearrange the information any way you see fit. You’ll see what we mean with the diploma wording ideas below.

Straightforward Wording

Since the graduation ceremony is likely to provide fanfare enough, you can go with diploma wording ideas that are no-nonsense and to the point.

This (document name) certifies (student name) has hereby graduated from (school name) this (day, month) of (year).

This document certifies (student name) has completed the course of study required to graduate from (school name).

(Student name) has completed the requisites for graduation from (school name) this (day, month) of (year).

Straight-Laced Wording

Schools with a highbrow vibe can try out a few very proper, very official-sounding diploma wording ideas.

(Student name) is in receipt of this official (document name) hereby granted by (school name) for the successful and dedicated completion of the required course of study. Onward and upward (or school motto).

This certifies that (student name) has satisfactorily undertaken and completed the course of study prescribed for official graduation from (school name).

In testimony whereof the (governing body, i.e. board of education) of the (school district) bestows this (name of document).

(Whew; something like that perhaps works best for wordy schools.)

This (document name) is hereby bequeathed to (student name) for the fulfillment of the prescribed course of study and related requisites to earn the distinction of graduation from (school name).

Unique, Creative Wording

If your students are graduating from a specialty program or facility, you can always ramp up the fun factor with unique and creative diploma wording ideas.

Let the Fun Begin!

This (document name) certifies (student name) has officially graduated from (school/program name) – and can now move forward into the workforce and pay his/her own rent.

Another way to add a bit of creativity and personalization to the diploma is to make a mini list of the most important things the students learned during their studies at your particular facility. For instance:

This certifies (student name) has graduated from Mama’s Motorcycle School and can now move forward in life with the esteemed knowledge that dictates he/she:

  • Applies brake pressure evenly
  • Checks blinkers and tail lights prior to every ride
  • Always wears a helmet

One more idea is to use puns or plays on words related to the facility or program.

(Student name) has hereby graduated brilliantly from the Sunshine School of Solar Energy, a shining example of how brightly a brain can radiate with knowledge.

While diplomas all generally contain the same core information, there is no law that says they all have to contain the same boring wording. Take one of the examples as is, or mix, match, and play around with the wording until you land on the perfect pick for you.