How to Boost Employee Morale After Layoffs

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boost employee moral after layoffs

Downsizing and restructuring is often part of business management, and ultimately, structured growth. If your company is preparing for a round of layoffs to improve the stability and positioning of your business, you need to make a conscious effort to boost employee morale after layoffs. Don’t let concerns or confusion linger among the remaining staff.

The Harvard Business Review reports that a “heightened level of employee dysfunction” is common after a downsizing situation. Thankfully, supervisors and top-level management can ease tension and fears regarding the future by implementing these ideas.

5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale after Layoffs

After the pink slips go out, and the remaining staff has been honestly informed of the purpose behind the company changes, the real work begins. Focus on career development, solidifying trust, and listening to the staff’s needs.

  1. Focus on team-building. Hiring an outside speaker to conduct a workshop or creating an internal activity can help stimulate creativity, conversation, and trust among the staff. Be sure to reward top performers with small gifts to reinforce the company’s dedication to recognizing stand-out participation and skills.
  2. Encourage open communication. Distribute information to senior staff regarding active listening skills and open-door policies they can use to encourage junior staff members to reach out with concerns during the transitional period. Employees want to feel heard and understood.
  3. Present future plans. Be candid with the staff about how their work duties will change and future hiring plans to ease their new workloads. Is an increase in tasks temporary or a new long-term expectation? Be clear about timelines and job description changes in the new office environment.
  4. Offer a support system. As your company adapts to changes, roll out helpful training courses, bring in workplace morale counselors, and schedule team meetings that empower employees to do their best. You can’t expect success from employees who feel unguided or confused about a shift in duties or new co-worker collaborations.
  5. Celebrate current value. Everyone loves to know what they’re doing right and receive praise. After a round of layoffs, a little reassurance can help stabilize trust in the company and the employees’ places in it. Take the time to thank individuals for their contributions, positive office attitudes, and adaptability to the changes.

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