Save the Date Product Ideas

DIY Invitation Ideas

Rosie Save the Date Magnets

When sending a save the date to your family and friends there are several products to choose from.  PaperDirect is the place to shop for your Save the Date as well as Invitations, programs, and Thank You Cards.

Great Spring Wedding Products

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Fresh Tulips Programs

If you are having a Spring Wedding PaperDirect is the place to get great Spring Wedding paper products like, Spring Wedding Invitations, Spring place cards, Spring banners, and Spring programs.

Bridal Shower Ideas

DIY Invitation Ideas

Optimistic Casual Invitations

There is no better way to honor a bride to be than throwing her a fabulous bridal shower.  Below you will find several ideas for bridal shower themes.  Backyard Barbeque Luncheon at brides favorite restaurant Moroccan Theme Paris Theme tea party Coffee and Dessert Coed-invite the men Spa get away Cooking and recipe-Learn to cook new dishes and exchange favorite…

Save-the-Date Wedding Tips

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Cherry Chocolate Photo Postcards

When you think of “save-the-date” reminders for weddings and other special occasions, you probably think of magnets or post cards, which are two of the most popular methods of reminding guests of the upcoming nuptials (or whatever the occasion may be). Save-the-date wedding tips from PaperDirect will help you remind your guests without sending them the same thing most people…

Save the Date Postcards for Weddings and Other Occasions

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Heart Shaped Wishes Photo Postcards

Save the Date postcards are a great way to send your guests a reminder about an upcoming event such as a party, shower, reunion or wedding. PaperDirect has an extensive line of save the date postcards in a variety of styles and designs, sure to please all different types of tastes. Save the date postcards are standard size (3.5″ X…

How to Reduce Wedding Costs

DIY Invitation Ideas

Silver Harmony Layered Invitations

Whether you’re having a Do-It-Yourself wedding or are a parent paying for your child’s wedding, there are ways to reduce wedding costs to save you money. With some great ideas from the PaperDirect blog and some research on your own, you will learn how to reduce wedding costs and will be amazed at how much money you can save. Here…

The Truth About Spring Wedding Myths

DIY Invitation Ideas

Fresh Tulips Fold Up Invitations

Do-it-yourself weddings can be fun and save you a lot of money. While you will be responsible for making all or most of the decisions about your wedding and reception–which can be stressful–you will know that the wedding will be the dream wedding you have always wanted because you’re in control. If you are getting ready to plan a wedding…

Keep the Kids Entertained at Your Wedding

DIY Invitation Ideas

Curlicues Layered Invitations

Kids at weddings (as cute as the little guys are) can be a problem. Many brides and grooms decide early on that children are not invited to their wedding and that message is made clear on the invitation (though very politely). If you want to have kids at your wedding, there are ways to keep them entertained, so they don’t…

Types of Wedding Invitation Packages

DIY Invitation Ideas

Heirloom Vine Specialty Pocket Invitation by PaperDirect

If you are planning a Do-It-Yourself wedding, you must look at wedding invitation packages and choose one that best fits your motif and overall theme. Before you looking at wedding invitation packages, you know the answer to two questions: how many people are you going to invite and how much can you spend on wedding invitations? Unless you know the…

Valentine’s Day Wedding Tips

DIY Invitation Ideas

Heart Shaped Wishes Casual Invitations

If you are planning a romantic Valentine’s Day wedding and want to save money, a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) wedding may be your most sensible option. Many people consider Valentine’s Day to be most the romantic day of the year, so why not pledge your undying love to your partner on Cupid’s day? While it may seem cliche, it truly is a…

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

DIY Invitation Ideas

After Midnight Casual Invitation

A bachelorette party is a really great way to celebrate your womanhood and the end of your single life before you settling down with the man of your dreams and the one you will hopefully be spending the rest of your life with. Having all your friends and family there to celebrate with you and getting a carefree and crazy…

Money Saving Tips for a DIY Wedding

DIY Invitation Ideas

Supreme Black Flat Invitations

Let’s face it–weddings can be expensive. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your wedding, you can still have a beautiful ceremony and reception that will be memorable for all of your guests. Do-it-yourself (DIY) weddings can be planned, organized and performed for much less money than you may think. You just have to do some…

Celebrity Wedding or Do It Yourself Wedding? You Decide

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One Rose Programs

If you are planning your wedding, you may dream about having the type of lavish wedding that celebrities often do, but when it comes down to it, while you want your wedding to be beautiful and memorable for all who attend, excessive spending does not equal happiness or a good marriage. Do-it-yourself (DIY for short) weddings are becoming more and…

How to Not to Go Crazy as Your Wedding Day Approaches

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Resplendent Banded Invitations

While your wedding day is supposed to be the most special day of your life, many brides will tell you it was the most stressful day of their life. As your wedding day approaches, you may be overwhelmed with emotions you can’t even identify, and cold feet may be an understatement for what you’re feeling. No matter how much help…

4 Creative Wedding Shower Ideas

DIY Invitation Ideas

Lavish Silver Specialty Pocket Invitations

If you are hosting a friend or family member’s wedding shower, you may be looking for creative wedding shower ideas that will make your shower stand out from the rest. As long as there is delicious food, awesome gifts and pampered guests, your wedding shower will be a hit, but if you’re looking to make things a bit more interesting,…

Fall Wedding Tips

DIY Invitation Ideas

Fall has become one of the most popular times of year to have a wedding, especially with summers getting hotter and hotter each year and winter weather making it difficult for out-of-town guests to travel safely to the wedding destination. One of the great aspects of fall weddings is the beautiful autumn colors to choose from for decorations, attire, wedding…

Beach Wedding Theme Checklist

DIY Invitation Ideas

Whisper Pocket Invitations

If you are planning a beach-themed wedding, there are many things to keep in mind as you make your wedding plans. First of all, your comfort should be at the very top of your list of priorities. Your options for beach wedding dresses and gowns are numerous, and you want to think light, breezy and cool for your beautiful beach…

Think out of the Box for Different Wedding Ideas

DIY Invitation Ideas

Palm Tree Flat Invitations

If you don’t want a traditional wedding, there are many different wedding ideas out there that will inspire you. Thinking out of the box when it comes to weddings is more common than you may think. While it may seem that most people have a traditional wedding, there really are a lot of alternative wedding ideas out there to be…

Cool Wedding Ideas to Make Your Big Day Special

DIY Invitation Ideas

Pristine Red Invitations

Who doesn’t remember their wedding day like it happened yesterday? If you are planning your wedding, you should know that it will be a day forever ingrained in your mind, and while we don’t want you to feel pressure to have the perfect wedding, we do want to offer some cool wedding ideas to make your special day memorable and…