How to Dress Up Invitations

DIY Invitation Ideas

Time to dress up invitations with some creative ideas. When it comes to invitations, everyone has a “standard” one that comes to mind. This “standard” is usually a wedding-type invitation where you have a scripty font and the information like time, date, where to go, etc. And while there’s nothing wrong with this type of invitation, why not make your event more memorable by dressing up your invitation to make it stand out?

Since making your own invitations is a fairly simple manner, sitting down and designing them goes from being a challenge to being a breeze. Making invitations stand out from the rest isn’t difficult because all you have to do is figure out the different things you want to see on one and apply it. There are lots of elements you can change that will make people really notice your invitations.

1.) Use colored paper. White is overdone
2.) Use a different font besides a script one. Bold and even fonts that go with a themed event will work wonders
3.) Use borders. Regardless of whether you use a simple line border or if you use something as fancy as tree leaves, a border helps focus attention on the information.
4.) Use the invitation as a pointer to a web address only. This way all the information you want someone to have, including addresses, directions and even a map are readily available. Most of this won’t fit on your standard invitation
5.) Use different shaped paper. Instead of the white rectangle of card stock, use rounds or ovals, or even less standard designs for your invite.
6.) Use colors. Having your font in a different color than black gets attention. Colors on borders helps too
7.) Use graphics or pictures. You can even use a picture as a watermarked background, giving your invitation a totally custom feel

 Peaceful Pine Layered InvitationsThere are dozens more little tips and tricks you can use to dress up your invitations, but these are some quick hints that will make your invite stand out. The more attention your invitation gets, the better your turnout will be. The point to an invitation is getting people to pay attention.