How to Throw a Great Surprise Party

Seasonal & Special Events Ideas

Everyone loves a party. Even those who claim they hate surprises love them, too, once their heart restarts after everyone shouts “Surprise!” But there are a lot of ways to have a surprise party that veer away from the heart stopping celebrations everyone thinks of when the words “party” and “surprise” are used in the same sentence together. That’s where finding new and innovative ways to throw a surprise party comes in.

When it comes to these types of party, most people use the “standard convention” of getting the intended surprise out of the house long enough for everyone to get in and hide. But one way to throw a surprise party that is totally unexpected is to have the ambush or “un-party” which is like a surprise party, only in reverse.

Instead of having everyone congregated together and having the guest of honor show up, have everyone begin showing up after the guest of honor gets there. This is especially effective in a restaurant environment where you go to have a “nice, quiet dinner” and people begin arriving and say “Oh, look! Isn’t today your birthday?”, etc. Since this is actually planned, the waiters begin adding tables to the group, and within 15-20 minutes, you’ve got your party assembled, but the center of attention is pretty much clueless until well after the party has begun. You can also apply this scenario to the “quiet evening at home” where friends and family merely “show up” and happen to have brought “party stuff” like munchies, beverages and even a cake. Same ideas apply, “Oh, we were just in the neighborhood and thought we’d drop in.” While all along, the plans had been in place for weeks.

Being creative with surprise parties means thinking outside the box, and ideas like this definitely brings a new flair to the old, tired surprise party. Why not throw an “un-party” for someone soon?