10 Secrets to a Great Party

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People love parties and love them even more when everything is perfect. From the food, entertainment and even the guests, when everything works together, a party usually turns out great. But there are some key elements that make for great parties.

1.) Plan ahead for issues
Make sure you’ve got food and beverages everyone can consume. Some people have allergies and the last thing you want is to have your party interrupted by the ambulance because someone has a peanut allergy and ate some type of dip that contains them.

2.) Resolve Guest List Conflicts
While some party planners enjoy a little excitement in their evening, most guests would prefer to have a fun time. This calls for not having people who don’t get along well with each other showing up at the same party

3.) Use invitations with RSVP’s
By using RSVP’s, not only can you make sure how many are coming, but you can adjust seating arrangements, dietary issues and other little details as the responses come in.

4.) Plan Ahead For Setup and Teardown
These things don’t happen by themselves, so making sure you’ve given yourself enough time to setup is usually more important than clean up, but if you’re in a rented facility, that could be important too.

5.) Make Sure There’s Plenty Of Parking
Nothing is worse than having to walk a mile to get to the party because there’s no parking.

6.) Control
Make sure you keep control of the party and don’t let the party control you. Set the theme for the party and the tone by making sure music doesn’t get too loud and guests don’t get out of hand

7.) Keep An Eye On Your Guests
This way, you can keep track of who is where, when people leave, etc. Not only can you prevent problems, but you can get a head start on cleaning up

8.) Check On Consumables
Incidental supplies like bathroom tissue, etc. can kill a party or keep it running smooth. A quick walk around where people are lets you keep those stocked as well as letting you monitor how the party is going

Barbeque LetterTop™ Certificates 9.) Stay Ahead Of The Game
Empty ashtrays (if need be) and collect empties when you pass through a room, This keeps accidents from happening and gives you a head start when it comes to cleanup later

10.) Know When To Say When
While it’d be nice to party all night long, most people have other obligations that have to be tended to the next day. Not only that, but while it’s nice to have a great party while its going on, there comes a time when even the best parties have to end.

While these are the most standard tips to having a great party, using these tips will make your party experience as host or hostess that much better. Everyone enjoys a great party, and with these tips, every party you throw will be great.