Winter Wedding Food Ideas for the Perfect Menu

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Glistening Light Specialty Flat Invitations

If you have asked your winter wedding guests to brave the cold temperatures and possible snowy conditions to attend your blessed event, then you better feed them well.  While it may feel safer to go with the obvious choices of steak, fish and chicken, you have to think more out-of-the-box for your winter wedding menu. Since winter is all about…

5 Fall Wedding Flower Ideas

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Autumn's Glow Programs

Fall is a wonderful time to a have your wedding. Beautiful foliage, crisp cool temperatures and the holiday season soon approaching. If you are planning a September or October wedding, your wedding colors probably match the colors of the season: vibrant oranges, red, greens, and even yellows. While roses and many other flowers commonly used in weddings are out of…

Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

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Autumn Allure Designed Layered Invitation

Fall wedding cakes can be just as beautiful and delicious as their summer counterparts. With so many vibrant fall colors to choose from, you can have a stunning cake that will not only wow your guests but will taste yummy, too! The broad color spectrum of fall foliage allows for lots of creative possibilities. Here are just a few fall…

Halloween Wedding Decorations for the Devilish Couple

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Some people like Halloween, and some people LOVE Halloween. You have to really, really love Halloween to schedule your wedding for that creepy day filled with ghosts and goblins, scary movies, trick or treaters, and frightening costumes. If your wedding is scheduled for October 31st, you will need some Halloween wedding decorations to create the perfectly eerie atmosphere for your…

What to Include in a Wedding Program: 4 Quick Tips

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Calla Lilies Program

Wondering what to include in a wedding program? If you’re getting married, you have a million tasks to accomplish and may be feeling a little (or a lot) overwhelmed. Of course, what you include in your wedding program will vary from what someone else may have, but there is some general information common to all wedding programs. Here are the…

9 Great Wedding Favor Ideas

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Planning out that perfect wedding involves a plethora of details that seems like will never be completed.  Guest lists, invitations, wedding showers, finding the gown, setting up the reception and getting menus, place cards and programs together is a quick list, but just the tip of the iceberg. One detail that has to be considered is the types of wedding…

Wedding Menu Design Ideas

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Pristine Tea Length Menu Cards

You want your wedding reception to be just as impressive and thematically connected to the rest of your wedding. As a part of the planning process, you’ve sent invitations with RSVP cards, had the showers, done the parties and on your big day, had the perfect wedding program and ceremony. You want to be able to carry all of that…

Wedding Menu Cards Wording Suggestions

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Estate Flat Menu Cards

After the wedding, especially top end weddings, the reception is generally catered. Caterers at these weddings pull out all the stops to provide a wide variety of beverages, meals, and desserts for the guests. Many times there is a full evening including hors d’oeuvres, a three course meal, and dessert afterwards. Guests at receptions of this caliber are generally seated…

Wedding Place Cards Etiquette

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Ribbon of My Heart Place Cards

As the day for your wedding comes closer, you’re getting more nervous about how well everything is going to come off. You’ve put hours and hours into planning out every step of the way, trying to make sure that not only is it going to be a memorable day for you, but that all of the guests are going to…

Stand out: Create a Unique Wedding Program

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Daffodil Delight Programs

When it comes to weddings, you want everything to be perfect. Not only that, but you want it to be unique as well. You don’t want your wedding to be like your friend’s wedding or like your sister’s wedding either. So finding ways to make your wedding stand out from the rest takes special planning. All details have to be…

Elegant Wedding Thank You Quotes

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Elegant Lilies Specialty NoteCard

After all is said and done, after all the guests have gone home and after you’ve returned from the honeymoon, you’ll want to send thank you cards to everyone who attended your wedding , all who gave gifts and all who were involved in the process. This can run into hundreds of thank you cards so finding different ways to…

Keep It Simple for the Most Effective Menu Card Design

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Imperial Flat Menu Cards

Any wedding where there will be a meal served, whether at the rehearsal or at the reception, having meal options for the guests is a good thing. Some will prefer salads, some chicken, some beef and some may even have dietary restrictions that need to be compensated for. This means having menu card designs that not only match the overall…

Do It Yourself Wedding Programs That Anyone Can Use

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Springtime 2-Panel Programs

As anyone who has been through a wedding knows there are a thousand and one things that have to be taken care of before the wedding day even comes around. Wedding planners and the bride and family have decisions to make left and right, from the invitations all the way through the party decorations. One aspect of the wedding day…

Wedding Envelope Seals For The Best Invitation Presentation

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You're Invited Clear Embossed Seals

Far back in history, kings sealed envelopes with wax and an imprint of their ring to show that the envelope and the message inside were from royalty and shouldn’t be tampered with. Since the seal was wax, if it was tampered with, the recipient would immediately know it, and whoever did the tampering would feel the wrath of the king….

Wedding Programs

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Celestial Program Paper

Tell your story with a wedding program.  Add all the special information about your wedding and your wedding party, your guest will both enjoy and appreciate the extra touch. Red Red Rose Program Simple Blossoms Program Apple Blossoms Program Island Tropics Program Celestial Program

Proper Wedding Reception Place Card Etiquette

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Stylish Folded Place Cards

When it comes to seating arrangements at the reception, if you’re using place cards, then it’s formal enough to have a seating chart. Place cards are used to designate where people sit during the reception which could be quite extensive if the celebration includes a full meal as part of the festivities. This means careful balance of friends and family…

Great Wedding Favors for Your Big Day

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Heart Trinket Box

Weddings are always wonderful things. The bride dressed in white, the groom with “Help Me!” painted on the bottom of his shoes so when they kneel, the whole audience gets a grin. There’s a level of solemnity and a level of fun, a feeling of change and hope. So commemorating the wedding day post means something to everyone there. That’s…