Creative Employee-of-the-Month Recognition Suggestions

Blue Ribbon Specialty CertificatesMost people are motivated by money to do well at their job, but employee recognition can come in a variety of different forms other than raises and bonuses. In difficult economic times, when money is not readily available to reward employees, creative employee recognition ideas can certainly come in handy. Ideas for rewarding employees in creative ways is limited only by your imagination.

When acknowledging an employee’s good work, keep in mind that not all people appreciate the same type of recognition. Some employees may want their recognition given publicly, while others prefer a more private acknowledgement of a job well done. By asking your employees when they’re hired how they would prefer to be acknowledged, you reduce the chance of embarrassing that employee later. Some people are just uncomfortable with public displays of appreciation and would prefer their pat on the back done quietly.

Here are some creative employee-of-the-month recognition ideas to start your creative juices flowing:

  • Handwritten thank-you card
  • Letter of appreciation in employee’s file
  • Recognition posted on employee bulletin board
  • Recognition in the company newsletterGreat Job Vinyl Banner
  • Verbal praise either privately or at a company gathering
  • Take the employee out to lunch
  • Send the employee to a conference she/he wants to attend
  • Ask the employee to represent his/her department at a meeting
  • Give the employee company logo merchandise (shirt, hat, coffee mug, etc.)
  • Award certificate
  • Plaque
  • Banner
  • Larger work space
  • Better equipment
  • Privileges (leaving early, work-from-home, etc.)

Above and Beyond Specialty CertificatesObviously, these ideas can work for any type of employee recognition–not just employee-of-the-month awards. Use these and any other ideas you can think of to remind your employees how valuable they are to the company. Remember that positive reinforcement is a great motivator!

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