The Key to Success is a Great Tagline

Designing Your Business Communication

Just do it. Don’t leave home without it. Reach out and touch someone. The quicker-picker-upper. The king of beers. Have it your way. Do the Dew.

What are these? Great taglines. Great taglines are the crucial ingredient in the recipe for success. Taglines are memorable, they catch our attention, and they succinctly explain the product or service at hand and how it benefits consumers. A great tagline is a must for a business to thrive.

Great taglines typically capture three elements:

  1. Your mission
  2. Your promise
  3. Your brand

Coming up with a great tagline can be quite challenging, and it’s sometimes the number one obstacle new companies face as they try to open their doors. Many companies focus too much on what the product or service is and not enough on what it offers.

Here are some tips on how to create a great tagline:

  • Understand your true mission and be clear. Oftentimes, business owners put too much effort into being clever rather than clear. Decide what you are offering and stick with it.
  • Understand the benefits of your product or service to the consumer and focus on them. By adding benefits to a tagline, you’re telling the consumer what is in it for him and what he can get from your company. Instead of focusing on how great your product or service is, focus on how it will benefit the consumer. Benefits equal better business.
  • Add branding to your tagline and differentiate yourself from the competition. Show your business’ personality and give people a sample of what your business is all about.

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