Opening Day: How to Make to Most of your Business Opening

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Opening Day

Diving off the entrepreneurial precipice for the first time? Making plans for another profitable jaunt? Either way, any new enterprise can seem daunting with a thousand threads to tie off. That’s why a business opening checklist is indispensable, and we’ve got a couple of suggestions to add to yours. Before you throw open your doors, make sure to scratch off…

How to Structure Your Online Content So That It Converts

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If you’re like many small business owners, you juggle many different duties and responsibilities. You’re salesman, bookkeeper, order fulfillment, marketer and janitor. It can be difficult to keep all the balls in the air, especially when people keep throwing new ones at you. While we can’t help you with the janitorial duties (sorry!), we can help you with one aspect…

How Small Businesses can Compete Online

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In the past, when large businesses competed head-to-head with smaller ones, the winner was the larger businesses. However, today, thanks to many small businesses online presence, they are no longer being left in the dust by big corporations. Read below to learn how small businesses can compete online today: Be Entertaining: Consumers are more frequently surfing the web for no…

5 Useful Google Apps for Small Businesses

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Create invoices, letterheads, logos, as well as track and categorize your data. These are just a few of the tasks that you can complete with apps from Google. Here are five of the top rated Google Apps for Small Businesses. 1. Capsule CRM By Zestia First 30 Days free then $12 a month per user Capsule CRM offers you simple,…

5 Rules for Business Email Etiquette Over the Holidays

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The holidays are almost upon us. To maintain your professional polish and keep inbox stress to a minimum, remember these rules of business email etiquette over the holidays: One: Reply Promptly and Helpfully Everyone gets a little harried during the holiday season. But, if input from you holds up important projects, you are slowing colleagues down at this hectic time….

How to Brand Your Business Online

Designing Your Business Communication

Because your brand is your company’s face, you want people to easily find you. You really cannot put branding on the back burner as many people do. Branding can actually be the key to your success, so here are some tips on how to brand your business online because branding online is absolutely imperative in 2013. One thing that all…

Trends for Social Media in 2013

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Every small business should know by now that social media needs to be part of an established marketing strategy. While putting together your plan for Social Media in 2013, there are few new trends that are important to consider. Social Reviews If people aren’t already purchasing your goods or services, they are online researching which ones are the best to…

4 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Your Business

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We all know that LinkedIn is the ideal place to have a personal profile about your business and professional experience. It’s basically an online ad about yourself that allows you to brag about all your skills. Using it for a company profile is a different story. LinkedIn has recently changed the format of its company pages to act more as…

6 Ways to Use Social Media During the Holidays

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With October behind us, it’s time to start thinking about the holiday season. Social media should be a huge part of your online marketing strategy these next couple months. We have discovered a few ways to use social media to shine like the star on top of your tree over the holidays. Get in the Spirit.  Don’t be afraid to…

Using Facebook for Business at the Holidays

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It’s that time of year again – when the holidays are just around the corner and you’re thinking about all the deals, sales and promotions you’ll be doing for your business. Every B2C (business to consumer) company knows that the holidays bring in huge numbers – whether it’s more traffic to your website or profits from sales. By now, you…