Easy Certificate Layout Designs

How to Design Certificates

When it comes to a quick and easy way to boost morale around the office, nothing helps like recognition. Knowing your superiors are paying attention to your efforts is definitely appreciated and having that recognition validated by even something as inexpensive as a certificate is appreciated as well. There are even things that can be done with the certificates beyond saving them as recognition validation as well, and your certificate layout designs can reflect what it’s being used for.

Most certificates are simply used for recognition purposes, and the layout is generally the same. Having the company logo up top, the award heading under that, then the person’s name who won the award and a description is usually under that. Other things that can appear on the award are signatures of corporate officers, the company slogan or even the mission statement can be on it. Of course, having everything laid out in a nice script font and that has a scalloped edge or at least some kind of laced border lends an air of sophistication to it as well.

However, other layouts are perfectly acceptable as well. Logo left or right, text opposing is acceptable, and even doing a reverse order for everything, as long as it makes logical sense will work. Certificates are meant to be an expression of the company’s appreciation of an employee, not a straight jacket. Especially when the company is using the certificate as incentive as well as recognition.

When companies do that, not only is there the appreciation for the award, but by setting them up as “cashable” incentives, encouraging an employee to earn multiple awards and exchange them for a bonus or prize like a vacation trip, days off, or other nice incentives, employees have added desire to try to get those certificates.

Certificates like that can have a more “open” layout since there could be areas to put incentive program stickers or add-ons, and there’s no set way that has to be done. Certificates are meant to encourage the employees to be better at their jobs, and making your own, using your own layouts and ideas, lets them know the employer is paying attention to their efforts as well.