Affordable Recognition: Printing Certificates In-House

How to Design Certificates

When it comes to boosting employee morale and increasing productivity, nothing is quite as impactful as a good recognition program. Employees respond to the “carrot” method of encouragement a lot better than they do the “stick” method, so finding ways to reward them for their efforts and skills is important to the health of the company. However, it can get expensive to have awards and rewards for employees on a monthly basis if you go for gifts and rewards that require money. That’s where printing certificates and awards in house can save money in all kinds of ways.

While employees want recognition for their work, farming out the job of printing certificates or making awards to an awards company can cost a lot of money. Even inexpensive awards and certificates from these companies can still be twenty or thirty dollars apiece. That could absolutely kill a budget if you’ve got a lot of employees that deserve recognition.

However, if you want to be just as effective with a much more realistic budget, printing your own certificates is what to do. Not only will you save money, but you can custom design each certificate or award any way you choose. There are lots of great looking certificates and awards available. All you have to do after that Is download the template for Word or some other word processing program for that certificate and simply fill in the blanks. Fill out the employee name, the reason for the recognition, etc. Then have the CEO or President of the company sign the certificates, and you’ve created an award that the employee will appreciate and that he or she can hang on their wall so others can see.

Employees do appreciate the recognition. Plus, they like being able to have something tangible to show others that the company did give them something special for their efforts. It helps them to feel important to the company and shows others that they can be important too. And since the certificates were created and printed as a part of the regular company processes, the cost is minimized and the positive impact on the company is maximized. That’s a smart way to do business.