Inexpensive Employee Gifts That Don’t Break The Bank

Employee Recognition Ideas

One aspect of working for a big company is that employees do get recognized for their contribution. It’s been proven that showing appreciation for employees is a big morale booster and that it improves productivity. Some corporate management feels that recognition programs cost too much money, but studies have shown that even inexpensive employee gifts have just as much positive impact on employee morale than those costing hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Employees may appreciate the big gifts like a vacation, corporate car, gift cards to fancy restaurants or high end stores, but even less expensive gifts will reach out and touch an employee as effectively as something more expensive. All too often, the expensive gifts are given to one or maybe two employees a year. This means the “regular Joe” really doesn’t stand much of a chance when it comes to getting those rewards. But being able to give inexpensive employee gifts to lots of deserving employees will do more to boost morale and make happier employees a lot faster and easier than the one-off expensive gifts.

Even little things like personalized Post-It notesnotepads or note cards with their name on it lets the employee know that the company is paying attention to the efforts they make. And when they use those rewards, like putting that personalized Post-it note on a stack of papers, it lets them show others that the company has noticed them. Not only does it serve as a recognition tool, but as an encouragement tool to others as well. And there are lots of other inexpensive gifts for employees that aren’t expensive either that also work quite well as recognition tools.

All in all, employees want to be recognized by the company for their contribution. And, they want others to know that the company has recognized them as well. With such great gifts available that don’t cost a lot, it enables HR departments and upper management to truly show their appreciation.