How to Word a Certificate Award

How to Design Certificates

Employee recognition is an aspect of corporate America that is becoming more and more recognized as an essential tool in retaining quality employees. Every time you acknowledge an employee’s accomplishments or abilities, you’re validating them and letting them know that the company is paying attention to what they’re doing. Issuing positive acknowledgments like certificate awards not only makes the employee that receives it feel good, but it gives other employees the motivation to try harder. That’s only good business acumen.

But wording a good certificate award can be a confusing and daunting prospect. Trying to find the phrasing to be both appreciative of the employee receiving the award and encouraging to other employees at the same time seems downright impossible. However, that simply isn’t the case. Wording an award that is both motivational as well as appreciative is actually quite easy.

Truth be told, as long as you’re being uplifting such as “This company recognizes –Employee- for their efforts and loyalty, and hopes to see that same continued effort in the future” then both purposes are served. The employee receiving the award gets to appreciate the recognition that their efforts are being seen, and other employees get to see that recognition and the encouragement being offered. There are a lot of ways to bring those attitudes out, and doing so will continually reward the employee being given the award and motivate those who get to see that award hanging on the recipient’s office wall.

The benefits of a good employee recognition program are many. They manifest themselves in continued good productivity and great employee retention. If your company has a good employee recognition program, odds are you’re working for a great company.