Promoting a Golf Tournament

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

When it comes to playing golf, a true golfer will play anytime, anywhere and just about with anything. That’s one reason why putting together a golf tournament is usually a breeze, since everyone who plays golf wants to get on the links. Promoting a golf tournament is usually a breeze too since anything with the word “golf” in it automatically attracts their attention.

Regardless of the reason for a tournament, whether it be as a for profit event for the golf course or as a non-profit event to benefit a worthy cause like breast cancer research, anyone who likes golf loves a golf tournament. In order to have the maximum amount of monetary throughput, promoting a golf tournament in virtually any and every way possible is required.

While big courses and companies can afford to do radio, television and newspaper ads, many smaller companies, or sponsors for benefit tournaments simply can’t. That’s where both inexpensive and creative ways to promote a golf tournament comes into play. Benefits especially can get a lot of attention by using some of these techniques.

1.    Postcard mailers, perhaps the least expensive mailer available, postcards can deliver a ton of information in a very small package. Tee times, dates, costs and locations as well as a map if need be can easily fit on a post card.

2.    Door hangers, send high school kids, especially if they’re on the golf team, out and about in neighborhoods with door hangers. You can put almost as much info on a door hanger as you can a post card.

3.    Parking lot flyers, having all the information on a flyer and having people walk around the lot and put them under windshield wipers will definitely garner attention for the tournament.

4.    Business card ads, have business cards promoting the tournament with a website address dropped everywhere. Restaurants and businesses that have cash registers are great places to leave a small stack of cards. Leaving them everywhere ensures at least someone will look.

5.    Have at least a one page website put together with info and directions. Even though golfers are usually less than spectacular in the computer department, if they’re interested in finding a local tournament, having a page show up will definitely get looked at.

There are lots of ways to promote a tournament like this. Even using word of mouth to spread it around the community can save a lot of time, headaches and hassles.