Rewarding Your Students in Cost Effective Ways

Student Recognition Ideas

When it comes to encouraging students to do their best, nothing works better than a little incentive. Knowing there are awards and rewards available for good work and consistent effort helps students to maintain their focus and motivation to complete tasks and to deliver good work. Fortunately, being able to reward students for their efforts isn’t an expensive prospect, as there are lots of great things you can give them.

Academic Award Casual Certificates

1. Award certificates are a very inexpensive way to give students an “official” pat on

theback for good work

2. Rewarding students with coupons that are good for free things or for money off on treats is a great way to encourage continued progress

3. Using “free passes” to give students a “no homework” reward or some other perk is another virtually free way to reward good students

4. Another neat award is to give students Post-it notes with the school name on them, or even their own name. These are also very inexpensive gifts to reward students with

5. Other things you can give students as encouragement are things with the school name on them like shirts, hats, pens and pencils. This not only gives the student something useful, but builds school spirit as well

There are lots of great ideas available to reward students for effort and good work. As you can see from the ideas above, they don’t have to be expensive ideas at all. Students love to have their efforts acknowledged and love to know that their hard work is actually building toward something tangible. Sometimes education doesn’t seem to be “real”, so having some kind of reward or goal to work towards keeps students motivated and working.

As for resources for these great rewards, there are lots of great places online that have everything you need to keep students in gear. Go online and check out some of these sites and see what kinds of ideas you can come up with for incentive programs for your students. You’ll be amazed at how well they work.