Certificate Jackets Complete the Professional Awards Presentation

How to Design Certificates

When giving out certificates to employees for recognition programs, HR departments create a sense of belonging and helps employees feel wanted and validated. As an inexpensive method of rewarding employees for their efforts and accomplishments, certificates are a very inexpensive way to build morale and improve employee retention. Certificate jackets are one way to take that appreciation and recognition to the next level.

By putting the certificate in something to protect it, you’re showing the employee that the recognition and appreciation is worth more than just a piece of paper with some fancy words on it. The drawback to using a frame is the fact that it adds a lot of expense to the program While a certificate can cost as little as a couple of dollars to produce, adding a frame can increase the expense dramatically. Even the least expensive frames can easily run the cost up five times what a certificate alone would cost.

Aside from the expense, frames take quite a bit of effort to put the certificate in. You have to take it apart, usually by removing little nails from the back that holds in the frame inserts and after placing the certificate into it, you have to put it back together. This process can take quite a bit of time and hassle. Even if you’re using a slide in back, it still takes time. And frames have glass inserts to protect the certificate as well. Not only does this make it a lot heavier to mess with, but there’s always a chance the glass can break while putting it together, or sometime before the presentation.

However, there is a simple way to take certificates to the next level without adding that much expense. Using a certificate jacket makes the presentation a much nicer production and gives the employee a deeper sense of appreciation for their efforts. Plus, certificate jackets give them some protection from accidents. And an added bonus, it also makes them easier to hand out during the presentation. And they cost significantly less than a frame.

Check out all the great certificate jackets available. You’ll find some that will suit your presentation perfectly, look great with the certificate and the expense will be a lot less than that of a frame. Simply slide the certificate into it and you’ve made a regular certificate into something special.