Creating a Memorable Volunteer Certificate

How to Design Certificates

When it comes to America, especially in the local communities, you’ll find that in a moment of need, you’ll have a plethora of volunteers willing to help. Whether there’s a crisis like a fire or flood, or a specific need like a blood drive or a school fund raiser, volunteers come out of the woodwork to lend a hand. After a successful project completion, there’s nothing more appreciated than having that hard work acknowledged and rewarded, and having memorable volunteer certificates is a neat, and inexpensive, way to do that.

Volunteers don’t expect anything in return for their time and effort. A simple “Thank You!” a smile and even a pat on the back or a hug is an ample reward for their efforts. So being recognized and rewarded with anything, even something as simple as a certificate of appreciation is an acknowledgment beyond anything they’ll expect. While any kind of certificate or award is going to be deeply appreciated, doing a few little things will make for a memorable volunteer certificate.

For instance, taking the time to make them with the logo of the school or specifying what the volunteer agency or event was is a key element to tying that certificate to the volunteer action. Next, having the volunteer’s name specified is important as well. Lastly, having names of either people who were affected by the efforts or, as with school events, having members of the board or outfit to sign the certificate is important as well. This shows the volunteers that their efforts are being appreciated by specific people. Although a volunteer certificate or award doesn’t have to be framed, having it framed so the volunteer can have it hang on the wall to show others is important as well.

Making a memorable volunteer certificate isn’t a difficult prospect, but making sure the volunteers feel that gratitude and appreciation makes sure they’ll be willing to volunteer again in the future. Volunteers are part of what makes America great. Letting those volunteers know they’re appreciated is what makes that greatness worth it.