How to Write Greeting Card Messages

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We’ve all seen the commercials on TV. Those touching commercials where someone opens a greeting card from one of the big card companies and a huge, sappy smile comes across their face. The card companies would like you to believe that only they can come up with the great sayings that you read when you go into the grocery store or stationery stores and look over the cards, but that’s far from the truth. You too can write great greeting card messages and create your own cards. Not only is it more personal, quite a bit of fun, but you can save a ton of money over paying the big company prices.

Card makers would have you believe that the messages they put in cards are some kind of alchemy or magic. The truth is someone like you or me is sitting at a desk somewhere rattling off messages on a notepad, then people over them go over the lists and pick out the ones they think will be the most saleable. If you watch the cards on the shelves, they stay for a few weeks and if they don’t move, they get replaced with other cards. This kind of “churn” is what card companies expect, as they’ll take those cards and put them somewhere else, then put them in discount stores, then eventually will box them with a bunch of other cards that don’t sell and push them as a package. While card companies charge a huge amount for one card, it covers the cost of moving around and repackaging, and they still make a profit.

When we write greeting card messages, they are designed to evoke an emotion. The funny cards are obvious, but the sympathy card message lets the recipient know that you commiserate with them and are there. Anniversary and other “love” cards are designed to let your intended that you have deep feelings for them. Get well cards are to provide encouragement and most of the other cards have some kind of religious or holiday significance. This actually makes writing a greeting card message easy. Simply put what you’re thinking into words. Whether they rhyme or not isn’t important. The important part is getting across the emotion you want to let the other person know you’re feeling when you write greeting card messages.

And with all the great card stock available, if you’ve got a printer, you can crank out your own line of greeting cards or simply make one for someone in a matter of a few minutes. And having card stock on hand means you can generate a greeting card for any occasion. And greeting card stock is very inexpensive. For the same price you’d pay for a single greeting card at a big name store, you can make a dozen cards. Check out what you can find online and make your own cards. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to write greeting card messages that will make the recipient laugh or cry.