Top 5 Ways to Use a Door Hanger

Marketing & Sales Promotion Techniques

Door hanger campaigns can be a very effective way to reach a local public. Door hangers have a lot of uses, and we’ve all received them for various things, and since they’re hanging on the door of our homes when we get home from work or discover them as we leave, the marketer knows you’ve seen their advertising. They are very effective tools and taking advantage of them can be a big boost to your bottom line.

Here are 5 great ways to use door hangers:

1. We’ve all gotten door hangers from the local pizza place advertising delivery. If you have a similar type business, you can have a very successful advertising campaign with door hangers

2. Use door hangers as invitations. They can be used to promote a grand opening event or other event that has a specific time and place to be. As a way to invite the local public, it is very effective

3. Door hangers can be used to promote a sale. Local stores can expect a rise in traffic after a door hanger campaign

4. They can also be used to distribute coupons for money off a product or free samples. This encourages the recipient to come into your place of business to take advantage of the offer

5. Door hangers can also be used to deliver free product samples. This can be a very effective tool to get people to use a new product

Door hanging campaigns are usually very inexpensive ways to get your business name in front of the public. High school kids can provide the labor, and a lot of territory can be covered in a very short amount of time. Door hangers gives you two surfaces to put information and graphics on, so being able to get a lot of information in front of a potential customer is easily accomplished.

Check out the next door hanger you get and see if you get any ideas on how a door hanging campaign could benefit your business. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, being able to attract a local customer base with an inexpensive door hanging campaign will certainly do great things for your bottom line.