4 Tips to Make Your Image More Professional

Designing Your Business Communication

When a business is small, being a bit informal and relaxed is totally acceptable. However, when your business grows, or you’ve developed a lead for an important client, up scaling your image is necessary. There are a few professions where having your own “space” is reasonable, as with artists and highly skilled individuals, but most of the time, clients expect to work with a certain level of professionalism. That’s where making your image more professional will profit you greatly. Here are 4 quick tips:

1.       While kicking around in a t-shirt and jeans can work with various professions, when it comes to working with the public, there needs to be a level of cleanliness and orderliness to your appearance. While a suit and tie may be needed under certain circumstances, many times a simple button down shirt or polo with khaki’s or even jeans is perfectly reasonable.

2.       Change the quality of supplies you use for correspondence. Instead of using plain white paper, use personalized stationery on good quality paper. Using a higher quality paper will add a level of professionalism to any document. Don’t rely entirely on electronic correspondence for everything. Clients and customers appreciate being able to hold something in their hands as well.

3.       Send a physical thank you card or letter of appreciation will add a layer of professionalism to your approach. There are lots of great thank you cards available and adding a hand written note inside will ensure your clients know you appreciate their patronage.

4.       Don’t do everything on a PDA. Carrying a portfolio or leather covered pad to make notes on will show the customer you’re truly paying attention to their needs

There are lots of little things you can do to sharpen up your image but these four are a quick and dirty list that really has a visual impact on what your customers and clients see. Regardless of how high the quality of your work actually is, appearance is everything.