Free Certificate Templates for Student Awards

How to Design Certificates

When it comes to finding ways to encourage students and to boost morale in class, awards and rewards go a long way. But today’s school budgets leave little room for anything but what is needed to help teach your class, let alone anything to show students their efforts are appreciated. And some rewards like candy are being frowned upon because of the health implications. So what can teachers do to help the kids know their work is really good? One inexpensive way to do this is with certificate awards you can make with school certificate templates.

Certificate stock is very inexpensive to buy and the styles vary from the very fancy to specific themes, so finding certificates that will fit your school theme is a “snap.” Plus, certificates make a great award because it gives the student something tangible they can receive during an awards ceremony and/or take home to show their parents, friends, and relatives. Since they are inexpensive, even the tightest budget has enough room for them.

Creating the certificates is a “snap” as well. All you have to do is download our FREE school certificate templates for your blank certificates. These are available for your favorite word processor which makes creating certificates for your class very easy. Once you’ve downloaded the template, simply fill out what the certificate is for, place the graphic for the school on it if desired, put in the child’s name, and print it. It only takes a few minutes to make a great looking certificate that your students will appreciate! Templates also mean making changes is even quicker.

It only takes a little typing and a few mouse clicks–along with our FREE certificate templates–to create certificates of appreciation and congratulations in a few minutes that look great and will make your kids feel great too. Check out all the great school certificate templates available and see which ones your kids will like best. Giving kids the encouragement to continue to progress in their education by studying harder is easy when you’re giving them rewards and awards for their efforts. Certificates created with certificate templates are a great way to do just that.