Keep It Simple for the Most Effective Menu Card Design

DIY Wedding Accessories

Any wedding where there will be a meal served, whether at the rehearsal or at the reception, having meal options for the guests is a good thing. Some will prefer salads, some chicken, some beef and some may even have dietary restrictions that need to be compensated for. This means having menu card designs that not only match the overall theme of the wedding but offers those choices adds another level of sophistication to the entire wedding process.

While it is easy to get carried away with menu cards, keeping them relatively simple makes for a much more impactful approach. Instead of carrying through with graphics from the wedding theme, simply keeping the colors will be effective enough. This isn’t like the wedding program or invitation packs where you want the theme of the wedding to really come across, menu cards and place cards need to effectively present the menu information.

Keeping the fonts from the invitations is usually fine unless it is a very scripty font. If the font is difficult to read, there may be some guests that will not be able to read it properly. If this is the case them making the font larger or switching to a font that is easier to read, or even using the script font as the headers and a block font for the selections may be more reasonable.

Menu card designs that keep the overall wedding process intact are the key to having great menu cards. They’re not the biggest part of the process, nor are they the most important, but they are definitely a key part of weddings that have meals involved. You’ll appreciate a simple menu card design as its one less difficult decision that has to be made and your guests will appreciate them too. By the time the end of the wedding is reached, they don’t want to have to think very hard either. Enjoy all parts of the wedding and simple menu card design ensures you’ll enjoy that part too.