How to Create Desktop Printable Place Cards

How-To Videos

Now you can easily create printable place cards with place card stock at PaperDirect. Watch and learn how to rapidly create beautiful printable place cards that you can print right from the convenience of your very own home computer. You’ll be amazed at how many pretty choices of printable place cards you will find at PaperDirect. Using PaperDirect’s print at home place cards will save you a massive of time and money. Order, create, print and send. It’s that simple!

Follow these simple steps to print beautiful place cards:

  1. Order Place Card Stock – You can start by selecting the place card blank you want from the huge variety of wonderful options available that will match any occasion or any theme. You will order your blank stock which will arrive in 3 – 5 days. Need to see and touch your place cards before you order, choose the “FREE Desktop Printable Sample” and we will send you a sample.
  2. Customize – Once you’ve received your blank place card stock, you’ll download the template for your favorite word processor which makes laying out the names and table numbers a breeze.
  3. Print – Once you are finished laying out the text, load the blank place cards into your printer and click the print button. In a matter of minutes you’ll have completed a job that used to be extremely tedious to do or expensive to have done for you and will have an absolutely perfect result. You can print as many or as few as you need and that’s it, you’re done.

With all the fantastic desktop printable place cards, you’ll not only save money by making your own place cards, but you’ll be able to monitor the total process which means you can have perfect place cards that are ready just when you want them. No more waste on guessing who is coming, no more waiting and no more unnerving thoughts that your place cards will arrive with misprints.