Stand Out With These Unique Resume Ideas

Designing Your Business Communication

In today’s tough job market, it takes a little creativity to stand out from all the rest of the applicants for a particular job. While a  professional-looking, neat, succinct resume will certainly get the job done (no pun intended), it may not really stand out from a stack of 200 or 300 other resumes.

One thing to keep in mind as you ponder creative resume ideas is that more is not always better. A resume that is too “busy” or has too many graphics may actually hurt your chances of being considered for the position. You can be creative without being excessive. Here are some unique resume ideas that my put yours on the top of the stack:

  • 3-D resume
  • Flyer resume
  • Fabric resume
  • Fold-up resume
  • Infographic resume (indicate job history with colored pie chart or show education with a color-coded timeline)
  • Magazine cover resume (set up your resume to resemble the cover of a magazine)
  • Newspaper classified ad resume (design your resume to look like the classified ads section of a newspaper)

To make your resume unique, you can design it based on the job for which you’re applying. An example of this would be for an illustrator to build a resume that resembles a common type of illustration (a comic book, perhaps). Teachers could put their information into the shape of an apple or make their resume look like a chalkboard. As long as the resume is original and not cutesy or immature, the prospective employer will probably be impressed with your initiative and creativity. A poet or some other type of writer might consider putting his/her resume information into verse format or have the resume paper resemble a scroll.  Applying for a bartender position? Put your information in the shape of a martini glass. That will surely get the employer’s attention! When it comes to unique resume ideas, the possibilities are endless.

If you’d rather stick with a more traditional resume format, please view these resume samples, but if you’re looking for something more creative, you may want to try some of the ideas mentioned above (or maybe you have some unique resume ideas up your sleeve!).

Regardless of the type of resume you create, it’s important to use good quality resume paper and to include a business card if you have one. With so many people looking for work, you really must have e a unique resume to get noticed.