Create Awesome Awards with FREE Certificate Templates

Employee Recognition Ideas

Who doesn’t like to hear the words, “Good job!” or “Thanks for taking care of that” or “Great work!”? Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well done, and in today’s ever-evolving and growing workforce, it’s important to take the time to tell your employees they’ve done good work.

In tough economic times, the money for raises and bonuses may not be available, but there is always time and money for other means of employee recognition–printable award certificate templates are a great place to start.

If you’re an HR employee or a company boss looking for a new, inexpensive way to recognize employees’ good work, you can use a printable award certificate template to create several awards to distribute throughout the year. Employee recognition will help to keep morale up and boost energy in the workplace. If you never recognize your employees’ contributions, they may stop working so hard.

An award certificate hung on the wall or placed on a desk or shelf is a constant reminder that that particular employee’s work is appreciated. Also, other employees will see them and that will serve as encouragement that they, too, can receive an award certificate.

PaperDirect has printable award certificate templates so you can find one perfect for your business or company. Find your perfect certificate paper, click “Download Template” and follow the instructions to create amazing certificate awards for your employees!