Halloween Fun Facts for Your Cool Halloween Party

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If you want to try a cool Halloween party idea at your Halloween party this year, include Halloween trivia and fun facts in the festivities. You can organize the kids (or adults) into teams or have them take a Halloween fun fact quiz and award prizes to the winners. Here are some questions you can include in the verbal quiz game or hand-written quiz. Or, you can present a list of questions and have a competition to see who can get all the answers to the questions the fastest. This would be a great activity to have in a library where the children have access to several different sources to find the answers. You could call your local library well in advance to see if you can reserve a small space for an hour or so.

  • What is the origin of Halloween?
  • How did the tradition of trick-or-treating begin?
  • How did the tradition of dressing up in a costume begin?
  • What other colors do pumpkins come in besides orange?

Here are Halloween trivia and fun facts you can share at your Halloween party this year:

  • Jack o’ Lanterns originated in Ireland where people placed candles in hollowed-out turnips to keep away spirits and ghosts.
  • Pumpkins can be orange, white, blue and green.
  • Halloween was brought to North America by immigrants from Europe who would celebrate the harvest around a bonfire, share ghost stories, sing, dance and tell fortunes.
  • Tootsie rolls were the first wrapped candy in America.
  • Ancient Celts began wearing masks and costumes to avoid being recognized as human by spirits and ghosts on Halloween night.
  • Halloween candy sales average over $2 billion in the U.S. each year.
  • Snickers is the number one chocolate candy treat for children on Halloween.
  • Halloween is second only to Christmas as commercially successful holidays.

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