Motivational Gifts Perfect For Summer and Gift-giving Tips

Employee Recognition Ideas

With summer upon us, it’s time for employers to start thinking about motivational gifts for employees, and if you’re the office manager who has been assigned this task, PaperDirect has some ideas that may make your job just a little bit easier this summer. For employees fortunate enough to have a boss that shows his/her appreciation with gifts, summer is a great time to give creative, yet practical, motivational gifts that can be used during the warm summer months.

  • Water bottles have become one of the most popular motivational gifts for employees in recent years. Many people Extra Mile Tote Bagtake a water bottle with them wherever they go, especially in the hot summer months, so a water bottle is a considerate and practical motivational gift for the summertime. Add that extra special touch by having the water bottle personalized for your deserving employee.
  • Tote bags (perfect for the beach, pool or any summertime excursion) are a great motivational gift for employees that can be used during summertime and year-round.

Tips for Employee Gift Giving

Be Fair – Try and keep your gifts fair where cost is concerned, especially if everyone is pretty equal in their job duties and salaries. Giving one person an expensive gift and another employee an inexpensive gift is a sure way to create resentment and hard feelings.

Be Gender Neutral – Stay away from gender specific gifts such as football or baseball tickets for the men and necklaces for the women. The office is not the place

for gender specific gifts.

Don’t Overspend – Company picnics are

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fun for everyone but consider your employee gifts as an expense and budget for that expense.

Do It Yourself – As a small business owner, don’t assign all the employee gift buying to one of your employees. Do it yourself or ask a friend, associate or relative to help you.

Cards or Thank You Notes – A nice card along with a personal hand-written note to go along with your gift is the perfect touch and will be appreciated.