Creative Recognition Awards for Your Students

Student Recognition Ideas

Teachers, are you running out of ideas for student recognition awards? PaperDirect has you covered! While Student of the Month, Most Improved, and Highest Grade Point Average are wonderful award certificates to hand out, there are a lot of creative ideas out there for recognition awards for students of all ages.

Most teachers have such busy schedules that the thought of having to come up with one more creative task can be daunting. PaperDirect is here to help. We have award certificates that can be customized to award anything you choose. Our huge variety of styles will allow you to find certificates you really love. Just fill in the name and date and you have creative recognition awards the students will really appreciate!

Academic Award Ideas

Instead of awarding students for good grades or most improved classroom performance, try these unique award ideas and make any changes necessary to fit the age of the student:

  • The Albert Einstein Award (future brilliant scientist)
  • The Lewis and Clark Award (most excited to try explore something new)
  • The Deep Thinker Award (best problem solver in the class)
  • The Survivor (the one who never gives up)
  • The Emily Dickinson or Robert Frost Award (the best poet in the class)
  • The William Shakespeare Award (best playwright in the class)

Candy Bar Student Awards

  • The Butterfinger Award (the kid most likely to drop things or break things)
  • The Payday Award (the kid who forgets his lunch money)
  • The Three Musketeer Award (always surrounded by friends and supportive of others)
  • The Almond Joy Award (always happy and optimistic)
  • The Snickers Award (the class clown always making others laugh)
  • The Milky Way Award (the student who loves astronomy)
  • The Watchmacallit Award (the student who forgets the names of things)
  • The $100,000 Bar Award (the student most likely to be a millionaire)

Other Creative Recognition Awards

  • The Dale Earnhardt Award (the student who speeds through the hallways and is always told to slow down!)
  • The Emily Post Award (the most well-mannered student)
  • The American Idol Award (the kid who loves to sing)
  • The Bobby Flay Award (the future chef in the class)
  • The Edgar Allan Poe Award (the kid who loves a good horror story)
  • The Rolex Award (the student who is always asking what time it is or who watches the clock)
  • The Patrick Mahomes Award (future football star)
  • The Dr. Phil Award (the kid always giving advice)
  • The Anderson Cooper Award (the student who loves current events)
  • The Barbara Walters Award (for the student who loves asking personal questions)
  • The Justin Bieber Award (for the student who just loves to perform)
  • The Joe Biden Award (for the kid who wants to be President)
  • The Florence Nightingale Award (for the student who loves taking care of others)

This is just a short list to get your creative juices flowing. PaperDirect has hundreds of recognition award certificates for kids. With our “Print Right Now” option, simply customize your certificate and print them out on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper in any color you like. PaperDirect certificates are designed to print on our Perfectly Plain 28lb paper.