5 Ways to Make National Volunteer Week Special

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Outstanding Volunteer Post-it® Notes Whether you work at a non-profit organization that works with volunteers who help to improve the community, or you are a teacher in a classroom who relies on parent volunteers, it’s important to remember those special people who are dedicating their time to your cause. National Volunteer Week takes place this year from April 21 through April 27, so be sure to do something that week to make your volunteers feel special. The following ideas will help you create a week they won’t soon forget.

5 Ways to Make National Volunteer Week Special for Your Do-Gooders

  1. Organize an awards ceremony to honor your dedicated volunteers. Consider distributing special, custom awards to each contributor on your team. Ideas for awards include “Volunteer Who Logged the Most Hours” or “Most Creative Volunteer.” Just make sure everyone gets something at this event, and don’t forget to create personalized awards to hand out.

  2. Write each volunteer a personalized thank you note. Using the custom volunteer note cards available on PaperDirect, you can take the time you need to truly express your gratitude for the efforts of your volunteers.

  3. Give the gift of a personalized tote bag. This is a practical gift that your volunteers will use for many years to come. It will help them bring supplies to and from the volunteer site, as well as provide many uses in their personal life.

  4. Create personalized coffee mugs for your volunteers. The volunteer mugs on PaperDirect include sayings like “The Difference is You” and “We Appreciate You.” These sentiments express your gratitude, and the volunteer receives a great gift that will make them feel appreciated each morning as they enjoy their cup of coffee.Volunteers a work of Heart Pin

  5. Take them to lunch and give them a lapel pin to thank them for their time and effort. Everyone enjoys a delicious meal, and awarding them with a special lapel pin will make it all the more memorable. Volunteer lapel pins that state “Volunteers, A Work of Heart” are available.

We Appreciate You NoteCards No matter which route you decide to take, just make sure your volunteers know how much you appreciate them. Chances are you couldn’t get your job done without these special individuals who are donating their time and skills to your organization. To make personalized gifts, note cards and awards quickly and easily, stop by PaperDirect. We have specialty volunteer products that will work great for this particular occasion.