9 Low Cost Employee Recognition Ideas to Make Them Feel Like a Million Bucks

Employee Recognition Ideas

Happy, engaged employees who feel appreciated are at the heart of every successful business. Enthusiastic employees pass on the good energy to the customers. Unfortunately, many office environments cultivate disengagement and apathy. The Gallup organization has reported that only 29% of workers feel actually engaged with their jobs. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to inspire employee engagement; here are nine great low-cost employee recognition ideas you can use to motivate your staff:

1. Public Recognition
Add a section to your employee Christmas newsletter where employees can have “kudos” or appreciation for one another published.

2. Just Say Thank You
Don’t underestimate the power of a simple thank-you note card; send it to their home address for even more impact.

3. Arrange for a Presentation
Arrange for successful teams to show the results of a project to upper management to receive feedback and praise.

4. Peer-Selected Employee of the Month
Have your employees nominate and vote for the employee of the month every month. Create a custom certificate and have team members publicly and specifically explain exactly why a certain employee was selected.  Select an employee of the year from the 12 employees of the month and recognize them at the company Christmas party.

5. Create a Suggestion Program
From a suggestion box to a company-wide questionnaire, employees who feel like their ideas and opinions matter will feel appreciated and are more likely to stay engaged with their work.

6. A Celebration Calendar
Post a large calendar in the break room with employees’ birthdays and employment anniversaries prominently displayed. They will congratulate one another and managers will remember to do so as well.

7. Thank them in Person in your Office
Most employees assume something is wrong if called to the manager’s office; they’ll be extra-pleased to receive praise and gratitude instead.

8. Write Letters
A personal letter can be very impactful. Write a letter explaining in detail why a specific employee deserves praise; send a copy both to the employee as well as the supervisor.

9. Recognize Personal Milestones or Accomplishments
Has an employee just gotten married, had a child, finished a triathlon or done volunteer work? Make the effort to recognize personal achievements, even if just verbally in person or at the beginning of a staff meeting.

With so many low cost employee recognition ideas to choose from, there’s no reason not to make the effort to show employee appreciation. Foster a supportive, productive workplace and you’ll find that you’ll have loyal employees who strive to do their best for your company year after year.