Walking in a Winter Wonderland: Christmas Party Icebreakers

Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

christmas party icebreakersThe office Christmas party gives people from different departments a chance to mingle. But, since people from one department might not get to see people from another department on a regular basis, throwing them all together at the office party might be a bit awkward. Once the Christmas party invitations have been sent, start thinking of Christmas party icebreakers for large groups so that everyone who attends has a great time and gets to know their co-workers.

Christmas Party Icebreakers:

Who Am I?

Tiny Christmas Post It Notes

Write the names of famous characters or real famous people on a collection of Post-It notes. You can pick names that are relevant to Christmas, such as Santa Claus, the Grinch, or Clark Griswold (from “Christmas Vacation), or choose everyday famous people. Place a Post-It on each employee’s forehead, so that they can’t see the name on it. Employees can ask each other yes or no questions to help them figure out whose name they have on their head.

Shoe Game

Ask each employee to remove their left shoe when they enter the party. Place the shoes in a pile in the center of the room. Tell the employees to take a shoe that isn’t theirs from the pile and put it on. The employees then have to track down the person who has their other shoe and stand next to that person. By the end of the game, employees should be standing next to each other in groups.


Charades is a classic icebreaker for a big group. Divide the employees into teams, making sure to put employees from one department with employees from different departments. Go with a Christmas theme and give your employees Christmas movies or songs to act out or mime for their teammates. The team that guesses the most correctly should win a small prize.

What I Want for Christmas

Glee Tree Casual Invitations by PaperDirectSplit employees up into groups. Ask each person in the group to list one or two things they want for Christmas. The group should then discuss the items while one person takes notes. After a few minutes, bring the groups back together and have the note-taker from each share what was talked about.

Giving employees a chance to get to know each other at the company Christmas party can mean that they’ll have a better working relationship with each other as they move into the new year. Hopefully one of these icebreakers will help your office party be the best it can be.