Hilarious Employee Recognition Awards for the Office

Employee Recognition Ideas

The employees at your company do their best to deliver top-notch service each and every day, all the while maintaining a lighthearted workplace even in the midst of an occasionally stressful environment. This year, it’s time to give back in a way this humorous team will appreciate — with a set of hilarious employee recognition certificates! The kookier the categories, the better! If you’re struggling to come up with ideas worthy of your company’s silly employees, use the following suggestions to get you started:

Dundies From “The Office”

Are the employees at your company major fans of The Office? Why not steal a few ideas from Michael Scott and hold your very own Dundies? Feel free to christen the ceremony with a goofy name based on your company’s moniker, but don’t be afraid to outright claim the well-known Dundies name for yourself. Memorable awards from Michael Scott’s Dundies include Best Mom, Best Dad, Hottest in the Office, Busiest Beaver Award and even Whitest Sneakers In The Office. If you take this route, be sure that everyone in your office environment is relaxed and not offended by the jokes on The Office, as the last thing you want to do is create an uncomfortable work environment.

Video Game Terminology

Any gamers in your midst? Don’t hesitate to offer awards surrounding the lingo of their favorite hobby! Instead of Rookie of the Year, go with the Noob Award. Or, if there’s a person known for being both super nice and super into gaming, bestow this kind-hearted individual with the exclusive Halo Award. Have someone with impressive street smarts or a cool car? You could present the Trevor Award (from GTA).  And of course, the most musical employee is an obvious target for the distinguished award of Guitar Hero.

Awards For Early Birds And Night Owls

Is there an employee well known for his or her penchant for arriving at the office at the break of dawn? This is you ideal recipient for the exclusive Early Bird Award. Of course, in addition to an early bird, pretty much every office has its own party animal, known for keeping the annual Christmas gathering going all night long. This individual, of course, serves as the ideal Night Owl award winner.

When it comes to humorous employee recognition awards, it always pays to think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to show off your silly side — the recipients will receive both a good laugh and the motivation that accompanies any type of thoughtful recognition.